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The inspirational way our right brain solves our problems

Lets start with an everyday example-You’ve lost your keys.

To start with your left brain (logical & rational) tries to find them- “where did I last have my keys?” So begins a re-tracing of steps, checking of pockets and window ledges.

Maybe you find them- fantastic. But what if you don’t? The left brain processes, it works with the information it has available. If you can’t find the keys then fear may start to creep in, anger, frustration. You retrace your steps- but perhaps this time you are tipping bags out, emptying pockets in the vain hope that if you look even harder they will magically be there (yet fully aware you've already looked in all these places)

Hopefully you have the intelligence to STOP. Perhaps make a cup of tea, stand in the garden for a bit, maybe have a bath.

You know what happens next- Just as soon as you stop obsessing about the damn keys you know exactly where they are.

How did that happen? Simple- your left brain stopped thinking and that wiser, deeper part of yourself stepped in. Your right brain, or higher guidance if you prefer, kicked in and solved the problem for you!

So if your wise higher guidance can find your keys for you- how else can it help? The answer is it is always trying to guide and inspire you. But so often this gentle whisper gets lost in a sea of being busy, and practical logic which fights inspiration with fear- “I’d love to but…”

How can you ensure you can listen to your own higher guidance? There are plenty of ways;

  • Meditation

  • Being outside in nature

  • Being creative- and lost in the moment

  • Automatic writing

  • Music

  • Tarot

One of the best ways I have found is to combine led meditation (where an intention is set to understand or solve something) and sound to really help you to switch of the left brain and connect.

I have been running shamanic meditation workshops for some years now, then recently my friend Michele (one half of "Sounds Mystical") bought her beautiful gong to my workshop.

Everyone there felt the combination of led meditation, drumming and gonging allowed them to access their higher guidance in a more powerful way than before- which led to two exciting developments.

  1. I bought my very own gong which I now use in all my shamanic workshops (and most healings!)

  2. I am co-hosting a three hour workshop on Sunday 7th April with Sounds Mystical and their collection of inspiring instruments.

If you would like to join us on Sunday (3-5, £35, between Lewes & Uckfield) I have limited tickets available. You can find full details, and book your place right here

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