"Death" card on our holiday...

Last week my family (that’s husband, daughter aged 14 & three sons- 9, 11 & 12) went on our first “proper” holiday. We found loving holiday homes for our 7 pets, packed up our camping gear and headed off.

I was excited- I love holidays, but each time I read for this holiday the reading was dominated by 1 card- Death. I was not best thrilled.

The couple of weeks before the holiday were manic. I may be a workaholic, but it felt as if every client I have ever read for wanted an appointment in the week before I went away. I missed meals, ate as I was dropping or picking up the children, and my husband suggested booking an appointment just so we could check the best route to Wales. I’m not complaining- I am perfectly capable of saying “no” but I love my work and I seemed to lose all sense of balance or boundaries.

Meaning that when we arrived at the first of our three holiday destinations I felt overwhelmed with exhaustion, and not fully there. I felt a deep pull to be back in my workspace- I literally felt as if I had left a part of me behind. I couldn’t quite remember who I was.

The Tarot card “Death” is about endings, letting go, moving on, allowing new growth.