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Choose your tarot readers with care

A surprising amount of my tarot clients are people who have had a tarot reading that has left them scared or worried about their future. Often they have been to several readers, trying to untangle the mess that one reader left them in.

Obviously- as a professional tarot reader, and someone who regularly books in readings myself, I think tarot readers can be a tremendous help. But is really is “buyer beware”. Here are my top tips to find the best reader for you…

#1 There is nothing better than personal recommendation. Most of my best readings (not all I will admit) have come from recommendations.

So if you fancy a tarot reading- ask your friends.

And if you’ve had a good- or not so good- tarot reading, let people know!

#2 Check carefully as to what type of tarot reader they are, then decide if they are a good match for what you need.

One thing I love most about tarot is the sheer diversity. Psychic, medium, astrological, counselling, psychological….. So many choices!

Are you looking for clear & practical answers, spooky messages from loved ones & spirit guides, a life coach sort of approach….? Read how the Tarot reader describes them self, and the type of words that other people use to describe them.

Sometimes I like spiritual & intuitive, other times business focused & practical. I choose the best fit reader for my question.

#3 Read their stuff on social media. We are so lucky to have this option open to us, many tarot readers now have accounts on social media. Check in and see, they may well have a beautiful website, with tons of wonderful testimonies. But what do they share & write about on social media?

I am very wary about working with tarot readers I haven’t been recommended. Not long ago I felt the need to have a reading from some one that had never read for me, a really fresh approach. I trawled social media for a while & found someone who I felt really comfortable with. It was worth taking my time, the reading was very helpful, and of course following through from #1 I left a review on his Facebook page.

# 4 Trust your intuition. I know each time I have had a less than helpful reading I kind of knew before it wasn’t the right thing to do. And when I have booked for a reader & I feel excited, I know it is the right move.

How to check in with your intuition? Deepen your breathing and try to clear your mind. Let your mind focus only on your breathing. Count the breathes, letting the numbers and the breathes become all you are thinking about.

Then pause & ask yourself “Is this the right thing for me?” Be very still- you may get a strong yes or no, or may get a feeling that you know to be yes, or no.

Things that warn me off a rogue tarot reader

Hidden Costs & extras you MUST have (or you will always be cursed, or unhappy, or never find love....)

All finances should be clear & upfront. Often tarot readings are done by time or number of cards. I would expect a reader to make it clear at the outset how much it will cost me to answer my question.

It is one thing to offer a client a follow up session, it is another thing to try and scare or trick them into having more readings.

Any one that tells me their way is right, and other ways are wrong, wrong wrong. This is my life, I am looking for open guidance offered, not someone who thinks they are the only person with all the answers.

It’s hard to express clearly, but anyone who believes they are infallible is probably working a little from ego.

I look for a reader who is still learning, still growing, with a healthy dose of modesty.

Hard Sell. I have come across this, and it felt really horrible. A Tarot reader that offered me a price (a really very hefty price for a package). When I said I needed to consider the option I was told very simply the price would go up the next day. It was helpful as I new exactly what to do. I put the phone down.

Many tarot readers advertise, myself included. Advertising is about sharing information to help others understand what they offer, and how they can help. But trying to pressurize someone, that’s a big no for me.

I find the guidance & clarity that a tarot reading from another professional reader can offer is invaluable- both for my personal & professional life.

I am glad tarot readers are not regulated, it allows for the glorious diversity within our community.

If we all share our tarot experiences, both good, bad & curious- then the right people can find the best fit tarot reader for them.

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