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What exactly happens in a shaman healing?

Each session is completely unique. I blend my tools & experience to best meet your needs. So I'm going to share a series of blogs exploring different "types" of healings.

One of the common things I do in a shaman healing session is to support a client in releasing emotional wounds from a past trauma. This often presents as self limiting thoughts, patterns or behaviour in heir current life.

Why wouldn't you have processed the pain at the time? Lots of different reasons, perhaps-

  • You were a child and weren't quite sure how to.

  • You were protecting someone else by suppressing your emotions (often a parent, partner or child)

  • You had commitments that prevented you from taking the time needed (work, study, dependants)

  • You worried that you wouldn't be able to put the pieces of your life back together, once you started you would just unravel.

  • You are used to holding this emotional weight now, it has become comforting. So as more trauma hits you just push those emotions away.

What do I mean by "trauma"

I use this term to cover a very, very wide range of meanings.

  • Sometimes this is deep in early childhood, perhaps birth or the womb.

  • Often it is experiences that were emotionally crippling as a child, but looking back as an adult almost seem mundane. This can be difficult, as the inner child remains terrified, but the adult tries to dismiss it as all a bit silly. (getting lost, parents arguing, parental illness, bullying at school)

  • It can be events that happened that we all recognise as difficult, death of a loved one, hospitalization, moving home or school, divorce, failure. But just couldn't deal with at the time.

  • It can of course be violent or life threatening events- that we classically think of as "trauma"

  • And it can be half remembered things that are traced back to past life or ancestral issues.

Part of my job is never judge or label these experiences, they are valid to my client & are creating symptoms in their life.

It is hard to explain how I would work with an issue like this, as every one is so very unique. So this is a genral over view.

#1 First I just listen, why is my client here. What do they want me to help with. I don't want to hear the "story" as such. But the symptoms. How is it affecting their life right now. This can include;

  • anxiety & stress

  • unable to enjoy life

  • relationship problems

  • anger issues

  • depression

  • aches & pains

  • feeling out of step with themselves, or life

  • lacking direction, unable to make a decision.

#2 Then I explain a little of what I am going to do, and check in that what I understand the reason for them being here is infact the reason. Sometimes it subtly changes as trust grows & the client relaxes.

#3 The client lies on the massage table,a and I open sacred space. You may not even notice me doing this, but it is always done. Sometimes a client prefers to sit, and I can work with that too.

#4 I check your chakras with my pendulum to get a feel of where in your energy body you are holding the pain.

#5 Then I drum, and lead you back to difficult times. Depending on the circumstances this might be as an observer- to help the younger you, or actually as yourself to fully appreciate the pain and allow you to release it using your breath. I tread carefully, and this is a gentle process. The drum and your breath create a silver thread to take you back, and I may count as well to help you find the right place.

Every client is different. Some finally are able to cry (or shout), others feel a deep peace of releasing this emotion at long last.

I am very aware of my client, and offer all the emotional support they need.

#6 In this deeply relaxed state I then check the chakras again to find where the emotion has been stored. I work to release this block using my rattle, Palo-Santa, and energy healing.

#7 I may repeat the drumming, and healing, as my client moves through different memories- releasing the emotion as needed.

#8 When the releasing is at an end I take the time to check into their aura, and spend the end of the session doing some gentle energy healing. This may be through placing my hands on their head, feet, or shoulders as I feel the need is.

#9 It is very important that I ground my client at the end, & close sacred space, often sitting with beach stones under their feet. And I take the time to check in to see if they feel comfortable with what they experienced, and have any questions.

Most people express feeling "lighter", happier, as if a weight has been removed. There is often a sense of tiredness afterwards- though some people are just giggly & bounding with energy!

It may seem strange to read about this, my experience is that it can be life changing.

I'm not saying one session will cure all, you need to go away & make small changes in your life to bring this healing through. You'll know what they are, often it is about better boundaries, self care....

I love supporting people as they let go of self limiting emotional blocks, and create the life they always wished for. I often get to work with people quite closely as they let block after block go, building the life they always wished for but couldn't quite grasp.

If you would like to book a session with me I am currently offering them at £40 an hour, or you could book a series of 3 sessions for £100. I will updating my prices soon- so do book your healing in the near future if you want to be certain of this offer.

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