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How to use Tarot to plan.

I love planning with tarot. It is an important part of how I develop my business, and a very common way I help my clients too. I read for a lot of self employed/small business owners, looking for help to develop their business.

Step 1

Is to be certain that the goal & time frame is very clear. It can be easy to miss this step, and go straight into a larger tarot spread. Pausing to feel if the goal & timeframe is right gives an added to depth to the second, more in-depth reading.

Timing is difficult in tarot, and placing this reading within a set time limit is what allows it to be so accurate.

So write your goal down, and the time frame. It could be quite big (I want to move house in three years time) or quite small (I want to improve bookings this month).

It can of course be personal, professional, practical, spiritual.....

Then use this spread to reflect the entire goal & timeframe.

If the outcome is not as you hoped then really spend some time reading this spread.

Consider if you need to adjust your goal, the timeframe, or if you can work with the advice & problem to create a better outcome.

Now, when you ready make a note of this reading & your thoughts, put the cards back & move onto the second, in-depth spread.

Each row is the same as the first spread, except now you can get a flow of how the project will unfold.

This is an actual spread for me, though I am just looking at "life" (bit naughty as no specific goal) and each row is one week. The ending (3rd week) is fascinating as I am away on a shaman retreat.

When I did this spread in my monthly Tarot group it was fascinating, and even more difficult readings helped people to get a better "handle" on their goal, and how to achieve it.

We had one spread where it started beautifully, really reflecting how well things were going. The middle spread had some very difficult cards, and these seemed to reflect a period of growth & change. The final spread was very optimistic. It was useful to highlight how this difficult period was a useful stage in the project.

If the final outcome really isn't what you hoped for don't despair!

Consider if the timeframe is wrong? You can leave this spread out, re-shuffle the rest of the deck & add one more, extended timeframe row.

Perhaps the goal or outcome is developing. In the group one lady had quite a difficult outcome card, then by adding another layer she could see that her outcome was simply seeding another, bigger goal!

This Tarot spread is an action plan, designed to help you to best reach your goal. You can even write a physical action plan based on each mini spread!

I like to read with 2 decks, and this spread is perfect if you want to try that. Leave the first spread out, and use a second deck for the second spread.

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