What happens in my Pagan Circle in the Old barns?

I thought I'd share what happens in my Pagan Circle, in the Old Barns, Rose Hill.

What is the Pagan Circle?

It is a space to come together, and to connect with source.

What is Source? Well that depends on your world view.

  • Your own higher guidance, or unconscious.

  • Spirit guides, power animals, angels, gods & goddesses from your chosen path.

  • "Divine" whether you have a name for the divine, or think of it as a universal energy.

Why Connect with Source?

Well there are various reasons, and for many people it is a blend of these reasons.

#1 Gentle healing in a high energy scared space. It is amazing how the healing happens when you pause, focus on your breath, and deeply relax.

I have had some people say they feel their guides standing with them offering healing. Others simply find the deep relaxation is healing.