How to plan using Tarot

Remember planning with tarot is a gentle art- you are not looking for specific “yes” “no” answers. Rather checking in- can I achieve my hoped for goal? How can I best do that? How do I make the best of opportunities, and negotiate difficulties?

One of the first steps with planning is to define, and reflect upon your goal. (you can’t plan unless you know what you are planning for!).

It is helpful to start with a reflective 9 card spread to help you define your goal (also great if you have no real idea what your goal is!)

Cards 1-3 where am I now?

Cards 4-6 the journey.

Cards 7-9 where would I like to be.

If the cards in 7-9 are negative then really feel into that. Is it suggesting that your current goal is not going to make you as happy as you thought? Or is it the letting go of these more negative issues that the cards refer to?

Remember this spread is not so much to predict if you can, or can not achieve your goal- more making sure your goal aligns with what you really want to do/be. It is if you like an “aiming” spread.

Here is my reading to represent my shamanic journey.