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How to plan using Tarot

Remember planning with tarot is a gentle art- you are not looking for specific “yes” “no” answers. Rather checking in- can I achieve my hoped for goal? How can I best do that? How do I make the best of opportunities, and negotiate difficulties?

One of the first steps with planning is to define, and reflect upon your goal. (you can’t plan unless you know what you are planning for!).

It is helpful to start with a reflective 9 card spread to help you define your goal (also great if you have no real idea what your goal is!)

Cards 1-3 where am I now?

Cards 4-6 the journey.

Cards 7-9 where would I like to be.

If the cards in 7-9 are negative then really feel into that. Is it suggesting that your current goal is not going to make you as happy as you thought? Or is it the letting go of these more negative issues that the cards refer to?

Remember this spread is not so much to predict if you can, or can not achieve your goal- more making sure your goal aligns with what you really want to do/be. It is if you like an “aiming” spread.

Here is my reading to represent my shamanic journey.

Cards 1-3 definitely reflect where I am right now. Learning my skills (8 pentacles) stepping into new ventures which make me a little anxious (2 wands) & 8 cups- I recently wrote a blog about my trip to Denmark called "my 8 of cups trip!"

Cards 4-6 I know I have more shadow work to do (moon & 9 swords) - this work has always had its difficult times! I know this involves me starting to believe in myself (Empress and note that pesky Devil at the bottom of the pack)

cards 7-9 The world & 7 of pentacles is about reaching goals, and choosing where to go next. I see the 3 of swords here as soul healing & shadow work.

Now plan the journey.

Consciously choose between 1 & 3 cards to represent your goal. These represent what you are aiming for. It helps to choose at least one of these from your reflective goal setting spread.

Now shuffle the remaining deck really focusing on this card/s.

Deal 1 card to represent where you are right now.

Then 4 pairs of cards – action, advice – leading to your goal card.

Now look at the card at the bottom of the pack- this is advice to remember along the way.

Can you write 4 things you can do based upon each pair to help you to your goal? They may be inner journey, or very practical. They may be small tweaks to life- or huge steps forward. Try and translate your pairs of cards into clear actions.

Here is my spread for myself.

The starting point (5 pentacles) reflects perfectly that finances are a limit on my time, and I am keen to re-join my spiritual kith- though there are worries there.

The action cards are the top row, the advice cards are the bottom row.

#pair 1- Very much connected with my trip to Denmark, and reminding me my roots are in the Norse mythologies.

Back to basics- re-read the Sagas, remind myself of the Norse mythologies.

#pair 2- To me this is about clearing the clutter, re-organising for a new start. Both physical and paper work, possibly website as well- to better reflect how shamanism is a part of what I do.

#pair 3- This would seem to be a letting go of the past, perhaps even a shamanic death & re-birth ceremony. With the 5 of swords very much focused on inner shadow work, self belief, letting go of inner beliefs that don't serve me.

#pair 4- I associate the king of wands as a shaman- so far the shaman work has hidden behind my Tarot work. It would seem this is the time to stand a bit taller as a shaman, to share & teach a bit more.

Card at the bottom of the pack- queen of pentacles- I have 4 children at home- I need to balance my journey with the needs of my family.

I kept the world from the first spread to form my end goal.

Daily (or weekly) check in.

Some days I set aside several hours to plan using tarot- looking at different options, reading for different areas of my life & trying to get a handle on what I should best do.

Other times I keep it really simple.

As you shuffle keep your goal in clear mind. Then lay 2 cards -

#1 action to take.

#2 advice

Take a look at the card at the bottom of the pack – this is something you need to know.

I love planning with Tarot. Whether it is a quick 3 card spread at the beginning of the day, or a long lazy half a day's planning with lots of coffee......

Looking to learn a little more about Tarot? I have some free tarot pintables which you can find right here.

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