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When Tarot does not work out as expected...

I had a regular in my workshop recently share a Tarot experience. She asked the tarot if a particular opportunity was right for her- the Tarot said overwhelmingly yes- but in the end opportunity was cancelled.

I had a similar experience myself recently. A company asked if I would read regularly at an event for them- the cards said “oh yes, go for it” yet I never heard back from them.

I have been contemplating this and share my thoughts out of interest....

Both myself & my regular asked the tarot if the opportunity was the right way forward for us. I know both of us to have put quite a bit of thought into the reading, and following up the opportunity after the reading- yet in both cases circumstances outside of our control meant the opportunity did not manifest.

So many clients come to me blaming other people, or “circumstances” or perhaps even “bad luck” for their issues I have developed a focused style of reading based on helping clients get control of their lives. I try to focus the reading on what my client can best do to improve their life, move situations along, better understand to be able to make clearer decisions.

There are certainly plenty of cases where this is limited, and am I acting as a navigator to life more than helping people step into their power- but where possible I aim to empower & inform, and so naturally focus on what is in a persons influence.

A big part of me feels that perhaps the increased confidence from deciding to take up these opportunities was of value. Maybe the very decision to “go for it” was useful in its self. I also wonder whether this is a timing issue, the cards were supportive and encouraging- and the opportunity will re-arise (certainly possible for both of us). Though of course only time will tell!

I usually check the card at the bottom of the pack to see if there is anything I need to be aware of- and that has on occasions suggested that although a spread seems very positive there is a timing issue, or perhaps complication that I ma not fully aware of. I have now started adding three cards at the end of many readings to represent "circumstances outside of your control". In the end determination and focus are great attributes- but somethings are simply not in your control.

I love how much learning there is with Tarot. The subtle interplay of what we thought would happen, what still could happen, and how even though it didn’t pan out as expected- we are perhaps both a little more ready the next time such an opportunity arises.

I love how after 20 years of study and reading- I am still learning so much about tarot, myself, and the world around me.

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