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My 8 of cups trip

You may know that I am passionate about tarot. I love teaching tarot, reading for others, and using tarot as a tool to reflect, guide, inspire and predict.

But my real passion is a little known runic tradition called Stav. I connect with runes as energy patterns, and the Old Gods as real entities- though perhaps from a different space in the universe.

Recently I was lucky enough to leave the business of family life and work to spend a long weekend in Denmark with a small gathering of other Stav practitioners.

It was a real 8 of cups journey -one that I so often recommend to others, but have not enjoyed myself for many many years.

To me the Rider-Waite card clearly shows 8 upright cups – positive things in life. But 10 is the complete set- and I often imagine the person is taking a break from their regular life to be able to gain a better perspective on life.

He is climbing to a higher viewpoint, and I consider the eclipse reminds us of the importance of looking at life in a different light.

The Danish trip really did this for me. I have become so busy in my life, and gladly so, that I was repeating patterns and mistakes with out realising it. The break was mostly a chance to connect with other Stav practitioners, and the land itself. But it gave me a real chance to reflect on the best, and the worst, in my life.

Things that I was mostly aware of, but too overwhelmed by everyday life to actually change.

I realise now how often this message comes up in the cards for others, and how really it has been there for me. I just considered myself “too busy” to listen.

I guess my family will be living off beans and pizza a bit more. The 8 of cups will be a regular feature in my life from now on. Not always Denmark of course, but regular breaks from life to help me better see the picture of my life.

I will not allow difficult patterns to become so ingrained again- just because I am too much in my life to see them clearly.

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