So what is Stav?

That is actually such a big question- I always struggle when asked!

Stav is a way of understanding the world using the 16 runes of the Younger Futhark.

Stav can be a martial art, healing tradition, life philosophy, basis for craft work, shamanic path….. and so much more.

And yet Stav is not defined by any one of those applications, and many people are deeply involved in Stav with out following all of those paths.

So- what is Stav?

Basically it is the family wisdom tradition of IvarHafskjold (here is a link to his page) which since the 1980’s has been taught and practised outside of his family lineage.

The core basics of the tradition are the 16 runes of the younger futhark- but we do not see them as lines on a piece of paper.

Rather we make the shape of the runes with our bodies in a meditative movement we refer to as the stances.

The breath is deepened and matches the movement, attention is turned inward.

This allows us to experience the energies