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How Tarot saved my sanity (again)

So. I am sat at my desk in my little caravan. I know I really need a break, or at least a cup of tea- but.

I am unhappy with my recent business cards (finished in a rush) and am determined to redesign them. I have about 20 different designs saved- each a little more off balance than the last- and I am loosing all sense of what I actually what I want to portray on the cards.

I am incredibly stubborn- and refuse to stop until I have created the perfect business card- despite the fact that I know I am in need of a cup of coffee (or even dinner).

At last a wiser part of me kicks in. I decide to do a 3 card reading to ask what I should do. (I am a Tarot reader right!)

Card 1- The moon. Now in advice/practical/business readings I often see this as meaning "you don't have all the information you need right now- don't make any important decisions." The moon is after all reflected light- and when light is reflected there is always some distortion. Which is a bit annoying as I wanted- well the 6 of wands, the world, 3 wands- or one of those other "you've really nailed this" cards.

Card 2- The Emperor. Self discipline, organisation, a plan.....So the cards are really telling me to organise my ideas a bit more effectively- and take the time to do this right .

Rather than haphazardly creating another business card in a bit of a rush- have the self discipline to consider it carefully.

Card 3- 7 of pentacles. This is "pause, reflect & learn form your past" for me. A real pulling together of the other two cards- reminding me that this is exactly what I did last time I ordered new cards! I am indeed in danger of repeating my mistake- and need to be aware that I am never good at creative projects when tired, thirsty and hungry.

I am left feeling slightly annoyed at my cards for not telling me that my latest design is sheer brilliance. But on the upside I am planning my cards a little more cafrfully, and am glad to have saved myself another (expensive) mistake.

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