Drums, chanting and Zoom

Seidr by Zoom is quite simply not something I ever thought would happen,

I had set up and advertised some shamanic workshops by Zoom- finding different ways to work with groups as a result of the first covid lock down.

The idea was simple- I would take the group on the same drummed/led meditation that I do with in person groups. I was certain his would work as I regularly did drummed shamanic journeying work for clients by phone. And I had been doing this work in person groups for some years- so I felt I had the right skill set to transpose to online.

In groups I drum and take the group on a pathworking journey. We (usually sometimes there are changes) start in a small comfortable room, walk through a door and along a tunnel like path through a woodland.

We pause when we get to a glade- this is where the pathworking (us walking in the shamanic world together) stops, and everyone is now in their own reality.

The centre of each reality is the World Tree – Yggdrasil- and I can guide the group up, down, or to different specific locations using this tree as a map. I drum as I talk, then at some point stop talking and only drum- allowing each individual to do what ever needs to be done.

As I drum I can either do my own work (in an established group) or I may feel I need to hold space quite carefully- keeping a feel on how deep everyone is and if the experience is comfortable. Then in time I drum more gently and talk the group back to the tree, back through the woods, and back to the room.

So I settled in to my Zoom workshop- all ready to drum and lead the group. Sadly I was naïve about the complexity of sound and Zoom.

I started talking and drumming softly- and almost immediately I was told that the microphone couldn’t pick up the drum and voice and so the group were hearing intermittently a bit of both.

So I took a deep breath, and started using just my voice. I missed my drum- and worried that my voice alone would not be enough. But it is a well trodden path and I felt the deep connection/heaviness as I talked so I carried on.