Seidr- the deep connection I find through chanting in the old barns

One of my main passions in life is experiencing “Lokk-Seidr” A chant (lokk) which creates an altered state of perception (seidr).

I use this in groups to help others to connect to the nonphysical world, in Zoom groups, and as a shaman to work for others.

I can’t define anyone else’s experience of Lokk-seidr, each is so unique. This is a personal sharing of my experiences- with some reflections from my group work.

Before I start chanting I clear the space in the barns energetically, centre and ground myself (sometimes this is a struggle- I can feel my energy rising before anyone else arrives.

Once people have arrived and settled I use an opening chant (the Jarl galdr) to call closer specific deities to aid our work. I call Frey as a particularly helpful guide for me, Odin as the God of seidr, Freya as the Goddess of seidr, I may call in a deity to represent the work we are planning to do or the season.

I also ask our guides to step close, and ask the spirits of place and ancestors to support our work. I find the energy changes at this moment. Its as if there is a stillness, a light pressure around the circle, a readiness.

We start with a few moments of focused breathing. Often I ask people to breathe in through the soles of their feet to allow the earth energy to rise. And then allow each out breath to be a gentle release. Lokk-seidr works by using breath and sound to create an altered state of perception- and the chant itself is created with intent to allow some focus.