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Working with Thor

I wasn’t overly excited to work with Thor. I rather like Hel, and Loki and Frey. To a large degree I was working with Thor to give me a better understanding of all 16 runes (of the Younger Futhark) rather than because I was interested in Thor himself.

Sometimes when expectations are low the most wonderful times are had..

I’ve led group journeys to connect with Thor three times this March, so this is a reflection of the key themes from my experiences. Each time I led the shamanic group through woods, to a high heathland there to find a fire pit just at the edge of the woodland. There is always a heavy sky, the kind of sky where you know there is a storm brewing.

Each time Thor invited me to walk to the top of the Heathland, where the sky dominates the experience and I was not surprised to find lightening a key part of the journey. As I reached up to the sky the lightening cursed through my body, and physically I could feel the energy tingling even as I chanted for the group. Until all I could experience was energy- and as I looked around I could perceive the landscape, the people, even the stars themselves as pulsating, moving energy. All physical experience was ripped away and the pattern of the universe was revealed as energy.

Time seemed to slip and I was at the start of this universe and Thor was there, hands outstretched, the pulsating electrical energy flowing from his hands. He is the spark of life, the energy that flowed at the start of all things, and is still flowing now.

My focus slipped again and I was back at the heathland laughing, and laughing. I had started the journey feeling tired, and not particularly inspired. Now I felt as if energy had lit up every part of me- and it was a huge buzz. We walked back to the fire pit, leant against some rocks and just watched the fire for a bit. The storm was still rolling around, thunder and lightening in the distance, but the energy was calm.

After a while Thor put some more wood on the fire and started speaking. I normally have endless questions and he laughed that the journey had finally been intense enough to wipe me out for a bit. I asked him what one word would best describe him and he answered “impulse”. I was glad I asked- the word is so perfect. From the impulsiveness we see in the myths, to the nerve and electrical connections. It is a word that hints at the depth and primal root of this deity- whilst still honouring the myths and legends. He then reminded me that there are 16 runes, and 16 court-cards and we started chatting about which rune would reflect which court card. I loved this chat. Odin is so full of riddles, Frey can be a touch intense, this felt like interesting banter with no clear end or start.

In time I remembered there were others along on this journey, and reluctantly decided we should probably centre and journey back. I was sad to go, and I am sad to finish my month of Thor. I intend to chat a while with him more often.

The feed back from the group, particularly the Zoom session which often feels very concentrated, was of the intense energising experience. The expansiveness, the physical tingling. This journey, perhaps even more than others, had been felt very much in the body. I had felt very tired all day, struggling to be focused. After the journey I felt “zingy”, upbeat, energised, uplifted.

I have loved getting to know Thor, and have already woven his energy more into my shamanic healings. I find his energy is great at clearing away blocks, blasting through stuck energy to allow energies to flow once more.

I'm drawn to his connections with blood, maternal blood lines, and eternal regeneration- thinking of his goats that can be eaten and come back to life by the morning. Or his connections with the world serpent and the ouroboros symbol of ancient eternity. And as I link both to the Conservation of energy theory "energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be changed from one form to another" I realise this month has left me with more questions than answers.

And after more than 20 years intense study of the runes, and lokk-seidr I love how much there is to still discover- and how much fun the journey is!


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