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Shamanic journeying in Denmark...

It’s three years since I’ve been able to visit Denmark, and the last time was at a very traumatic point in my life. I seem to find the Northern forests of Denmark exceedingly healing, a sense of coming home. Last time I was running from life, seeking to escape, and Loki was very present indeed. I was curious as to how I would find the forest this time.

My friend had found an enchanting spot- not only forest but streams, a lake and my much needed burial mound. I walked across a field, the crop long gone, to the lone burial mound. There were some evergreen trees, and one Hawthorn on the burial mound. As I walked around I felt drawn (as I usually am) to the pines. I lay down on the cold earth, connected to my breathing and felt myself slip away.

I headed straight to Hel, a favourite place to rest. But this time the door was closed and I was told to walk a different path. I shifted my energies and connected with people who seemed like ancestors of some form. There was feasting, dried berries, some nuts, wooden bowls. People shifted around the benches and I squeezed in. I felt relaxed, at home, welcome. The image become clouded and I heard Odin telling me to move on now. As I became aware again of my surroundings I got up and moved to the Hawthorn, but I didn’t feel drawn to journey again. Rather I sat and looked at the view for a while.

In time I looked around the mound again and was captivated by the ice in one small area. As I looked at the ice I was pulled towards the stream. I walked to the woods and allowed myself to walk as I needed through the undergrowth and trees. I simply trust that I am finding my way as needed. Through the wood, deep into moss covered undergrowth, until I find a tiny hidden dell right next to a small stream. I lay down alongside the stream, closed my eyes and waited to “drop” into the earth as I usually do. But no falling or dropping happened, I focused on my breathing, feeling the energy rushing up and down my body- energised, tingling, warm despite the cold earth. Still no dropping- but the sounds of animals rushing past. It sounded like deer- running fast- then people walking, the dull sound of footsteps, spoken words I couldn’t understand. I calmed myself- this was very different to my normal experience and quite unsettling. It was as if this tiny hidden spot was the busiest place in the entire forest! All around me I could hear movement, people, animals, birds… I checked in, but Frey was just sat there smiling- and if my guides say I am safe that is good enough for me.

My focus shifted, and now I “felt” the water. Like a roll of energy cascading through the land. Talking, singing, communicating to all. I realised that this was Freya- that as well as the shoreline Freya can be found wherever water and land met. I smiled as I realised that and allowed the singing water to fill my senses.

Now I could see the earth around me, lifting, forming, budding into plants. As if the plants and the earth were forming one living, moving, morphing pattern. With the water the same- yet different- coursing through. I could see the animals as they walked on the earth were a part of this energy too, and I realised I was experiencing the movement of animals, plants and people through different times – as if I had stepped out of the web of energy and could now see it.

I felt utterly calm, totally peaceful, euphoric in a gentle way.

Normally my journeys are full of goals, movement, jobs to be done ad Gods to meet. This time I simply stopped and the earth held me. A change, and I feel a good one.

In time the experience drifted and I sat up looking around to remember where I was. After a drink I felt there was unfinished business and lay down once more. This time it was more familiar- a dropping, a path, a cave. An old man sat on a boulder, hat pulled over his eye. He pulled out a bag of scrolls, old contracts of mine, and disposed of many. There were a couple I chose keep- ones that remain important to me. Odin seemed satisfied with my decisions (so often he isn’t) and we walked back along the path together with nothing to say, but a sense of a lot achieved.

I felt cold when I sat up, confused as to where I was. I was happy to see the burial mound quite soon after walking from my spot- and decided to walk along the stream while to warm up. When I found myself at the lake and island where I had started I sat awhile and tuned in. It felt like a liminal space, between the worlds, and I did a rune reading for the year. No surprises to see Odin’s rune there. Stav, lokk-seidr, the runes- they have given me so much, they are woven into who I am. I may be very connected to the Vanir, but my lineage is Valgarth and Odin is connected to all that I do.


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