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Reading Tarot for others…

Reading for others…

Lets be honest, reading for others (especially paying clients) can be a nerve wracking experience.

So here are a few practical tips, I know they won’t fit every circumstance (life is never that easy) but hopefully they might help a little. (I have used the word "client" here for the person receiving the reading- this could of course be a family member or friend)

#1 You are the expert.

If you are reading the cards for someone else then you are the expert, and you can frame this experience to best suit your skillset. This might include using the deck you feel most at ease with, re-framing questions to make them work for you, and ensuring (if possible) that the length of the reading suits you. Some of us love long and lengthy readings, others are much better at quicker punchier spreads.

So, no matter what your client’s expectations- frame the reading to best suit your reading style.

#2 Don’t be afraid to say “no”

If you are asked to do something that you are uncomfortable with or doesn’t suit your skill set then “no” is absolutely fine. We will never please everyone, so learn to be comfortable with that.

#3 Start with an opener that works for you.

Whatever the client wants to know- start with something you feel confident in. This might be a three card “insight” reading, a card from an oracle deck, or a particular spread that you know really works with your style.

I like to start with my “reflection” spread (you can find examples on my YouTube channel, or in my book-Tarot, a Life Guided by the Cards). I am particularly good at psychological reading- so this plays to my strengths.

It can be a roller coaster reading for clients- no concept of what they want to ask for (finances to health to lost loved ones). So having a starting point that you are comfortable with can really help.

#4 Ask for validation.

We are all different as tarot readers, and I know some readers don’t want any input from clients (and if this works for you- then great).

I like to ask for validation. I often start with a reading that reflects the person in front of me, and/or the current situation, then I will ask “does that resonate with you?”. If it’s a “yes” fantastic- I am on the right path and my confidence increases. If it’s a “no” then I will pause and find out why.

I think it is really important to be open to feedback, and to re-adjust communication or focus to ensure the reading is accurate and understood by the client.

#5 Be realistic.

No one, and I mean no-one is 100% all of the time.

Sometimes our clients want answers we can’t give.

Sometimes we just aren’t in the headspace, or our client isn’t.

Take the pressure of. You are there to read the Tarot cards and communicate clearly. Not to tell them the exact date their mother’s house will sell in three years’ time, or their dead grandma’s secret they took to the grave. (Yes- both questions I have been asked).

Just because a client wants to know something does not mean you have to be capable of doing it.

Focus on the Tarot, on communicating clearly, and be able to say that the cards aren’t giving a clear answer if that is the case. Often when the cards aren’t being clear it is a reflection of confusion in the clients situation- and being honest about this has always served me well.

#5 Keep learning

I’ve been a Tarot pro for about eight years full time now, and far longer part time.

I teach, read, and have published one book (so far). And I am still learning.

So join a group (online or in person), sign up for some classes, read a book, ask questions.

If you see your Tarot path as a journey- and each query or stumbling block is a learning experience- then suddenly it all feels a lot more fun!

Emergency measures…

If you are faced with a client, and reading block happens..

· Take a moment, breathe deeply, put your feet flat on the ground. Slow the panic.

· Start to describe what you see on the cards. This often quickly opens up the reading- so that before you know it the information is flowing.

· Be honest- express that the reading seems confused, the information isn’t flowing. Ask the client if they are worried about the answer, or re-confirm what you are reading about. Reshuffle and reset.

· If none of this work, then move into either a Tarot spread you know really (really) well, or a three card advice spread. Stop diving so deep and be more playful.

· Know that everyone has moments (and clients) when its harder. It’s OK, and all part of the process.

Experienced professionals learn how to manage these times – the key being not to panic- but honestly, no one is 100% all of the time. And that is absolutely fine.


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