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Psychic developement

One of the fantastic things about Tarot is the variety of ways it can be read, this blog focuses on psychic development.

Psychic connection comes through the Crown and Third Eye chakras. The more grounded you are, the stronger your root- the stronger the connection is through the Crown and Third Eye.

When reading I always sit with my feet flat on the ground, and now and then I “breath” through my feet. Visualizing the energy rising up through the earth and through my feet. Pausing my thinking, focusing on my feet and breath, is a quick way to allow the psychic connection to flow.

Personal meditation practice. I speak to a lot of people who say they struggle to meditate, to still their thoughts. But this is a key skill to psychic reading-so if you want to develop your psychic skills, I would argue meditation is a must.

Meditation does not need to be sitting still and thinking of nothing. It might come through walking in nature, crafting, playing an instrument, drawing, or sport. Think about your life- what do you do (not alcohol or TV!) that allows you to switch off completely. Do you lose yourself in dance? Whilst swimming? Or perhaps when cooking a meal.

Start with what works for you, and build your meditation practice from there.

The ”Hollow bone”. The shamanic term “hollow bone” refers to letting the ego, and everyday worries go so you can connect without personal entanglement.

This can take practice- but it allows the psychic connection to flow far more clearly.

It might help to having a “clearing” routine before you start reading the Tarot. In time this can be condensed to just a few minutes. You could try journaling your worries to get them out of your head, then a focused breathing/meditation. You can weave in crystals, affirmations, reiki, aromatherapy to best suit you. It’s all about stilling the mind, and letting go of the ego.

Don’t compare yourself to others! We all experience the psychic connection differently. Some people get crazy details, others are visual, others experience emotions. The key is to work out how you get the information- and develop that.

To me it feels as if I am reading a book- as if information is coming to me, but it’s not from my mind. I rarely get names or see visuals- but I often know what something looks like.

Practice. Yes, some people are just naturally very psychic, and others have to work hard to get anything. But regular practice will always make a difference.

Validation. I get very fed up with psychics who believe they have a hot line to “God” and are infallible. I work with too many clients where a psychic reader has told them something (often your partner is having an affair) with no room for error. Too many times their partner was not having an affair- maybe the psychic mis-interpreted, maybe they communicated it badly, maybe they projected what they expected- or maybe they just got it wrong.

In a psychic reading I believe it is good practice to start with something the client can validate as accurate. To build trust between you, and your psychic connection. If you cannot connect with something that has, or is happening- then how do you know your predictions have any worth at all?

(And if you feel worried after a psychic reading, ask yourself- did they say anything accurate about your life- or was it all about the future?)

Communication. The card most associated with psychic awareness is the High Priestess, and her natural partner is the Hierophant.

The Hierophant is a card connected with wisdom and communication-psychic awareness is of little use if we can’t then communicate what we have understood/experienced.

Just because you believe information came through a psychic source- you are still responsible for communicating it with responsibility. You have the connection- if it impacts the person you are reading for, I believe you need to consider your client’s safeguarding and communicate in a way they can handle.

“I’m just saying it how it is, I’m a psychic” does not mitigate your responsibility to client care and safeguarding.


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