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Exploring numerology, life, and Tarot

Working with Tarot I learn so much about life’s lessons. This blog is my take on what I have learnt about numerology from the Rider-Waite tarot, and how it translates in to some of the lessons I have lived through- or often live through on a daily basis.

It reflects how important the right starting point is (Ace's), how the fist step is often overwhelming and full of distracting choices (2's), how half way through most things is a hard point- too committed to go back, you are committed now. And how when we reach an end goal- it is rarely the fanfare ending we hoped for- we just become very aware of the next goal or step.

And I've included keywords for card reading…

I'd like to point out I am not a numerology expert- just reflecting on what I've learnt along the way..

1 It’s important to make sure you are heading in the right direction! (How much time have I wasted on projects, plans, and car drives- when I was not certain of where I was headed!)

Seed, potential, taking aim.

2 Nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems!

Reflection, duality, flux.

3 It’s important to celebrate even the smallest of successes (sometimes making it to the end of the day deserves celebrating!)

Creation, accomplishment, productivity.

4 When we create stability and firm foundations- it can become a comfort zone trap.

Stability, foundation, rest.

5 There’s always a bit where it feels as if everything is falling apart, and we wish we had never started. It’s usually when we feel too committed to leave the project, and still have too much to do. (All the cupboards are empty, and clean- everything is on the kitchen floor- but you have no energy to actually put it back now!)

Disruption, change, disintegration.

6 It’s important to find a place of balance and compromise.

Equilibrium, balance, harmony.

7 Sometimes the only way forward is to be original, take a risk, think outside of the box. What you have done up to this point may no longer be working.

Testing, originality, problem solving.

8 Hard work is often needed right before the end.

Diligence, hard work, timing.

9 Every ending is in someway result of choices made (or avoided) along the way.

Manifesting, the result of your choice, fulfilment.

10 You never really finish, the energy changes, we start again.

Conclusions, Finalities, re-birth.

I don’t consciously use a lot of numerology when I read- I know some people use it as a fundamental part of their reading skill. I was teaching a session on Zoom based on numerology and wanted to play around with the idea- and as I usually am with tarot was surprised at it’s accuracy.

I did a simple spread for my self- looking at my work as a Tarot reader/teacher/author & shaman. I decided before I read that for each line I would add only the minors to find a core number for that line.

Past (bottom row) core number 9. It’s true- my business is based on so many decisions I made earlier in my life- probably fundamentally the decision to leave a good career and marriage in 1999 to move to Orkney to train in shamanism. I knew right then that I wanted a life based on my spiritual path- and I made decisions based on that choice.

Present (3 card row) core number 4. I am aiming to, need to, create a stable way to hold my business. I have worked to the point of burnout- and need to readjust now.

Near future (2 card row) no minors

Future (single card) core number 5. This made me laugh- my business will always be changing. The more I learn I need to change how I work to reflect this change.

I was a bit taken aback at how meaningful reading the spread in this way was! I’m not suggesting it as a replacement for looking at the individual card meanings (which actually resonate with this interpretation really well). But I think if you were struggling with readers block, or doubting yourself- then coming down to core numerology (of which this blog is just a personal reflection) could be a great way to find a central meaning.


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