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Chanting the elements for healing

I don’t connect the elements to the four quarters as some do, and as yet I haven’t found a personal connection to the element of ice- so I chose to leave this out of my healing journey. I strongly believe it is your personal connection/relationship with a rune or element that creates the power. Not reciting other’s wisdom, or saying/doing something with out a personal, integrated understanding.

I hadn’t planned on doing this healing journey- it evolved during a group session - to my surprise and excitement!

We started at the liminal space between worlds, a room with a chair. A place to anchor yourself, to rest, to pause.

Then the journey through the tunnel of trees, leading you through shared space. I am allowing you to walk a path I know well to ease your personal connection.

The connection to your tree. The classic “axis-mundi” or “centre of rotation” the still spot in your soul space where you are you. The journey down, to a crystal cave I have come to think of as the “womb space” it feels deeply nurturing.

Once there I paused, and as I looked around to see what I was meant to chant for the group I got a deep feeling of being in the centre of a gyroscope- of seeing all the elements around me. So I chanted for the elements as I experienced them.

My chants may change depending on my experience at the time- so the chants I mention in this email may be different to the ones in the recorded journey! It’s OK, there is no one way to create this energy- it is far better to be fully present, allow your wisdom and your guides to whisper, and to call the chant as it comes to you. If it works- then you are doing it right.

The earth mother, deeply energising, that pull you can feel on your feet, that energy sparking up your legs. Often “Urhhh” for Vidar or perhaps “Arhhh” for Jord, or at times “Bjorkkkk” for Frigg.

Reaching up, past the cave, past the clouds, to the sky. The deep potential of the sky father. Usually “Ossss” for Odin, but could easily be “Tyrrr” for Tyr.

The calling on the earth energy and the sky energy aligns the root and crown chakras, and creates the axis-mundi, the divine channel of connection with in you.

As I felt the energy flowing through me I looked around the cave. The water in the river seemed to call out to me, as if it had a consciousness, it wanted to be pulled into the space. So I called upon water “laugggg” for Njord.

And as the water seemed to spiral around me so I saw the fire jumping and leaping, calling for attention “feee” for Frey. “thorrr” for Thor would work as well, as would “Loki” for Loki (I don’t tend to chant his rune sound- kreft- due to the associations with illness, and as always with Loki caution is advised)

As I centred myself I felt how the members of the led journey were connecting with different elements for healing, as suited their needs.

I could sense the deep emotion, the interaction between people and their element. The space seemed safe, everyone felt settled, and I could allow myself to connect, journey, and do my only healing as well.

Once I had led the group back, through the woods to the liminal room, then fully grounded in the real world we chatted, and shared experiences. It was deeply powerful, and felt very of the moment.

I had recorded the session, as I always do for those who could not make it live- but for the first time the recording was not to be found. I have learnt this usually happens for a reason!

I tried to record the journey to share, and each time I tried I lost myself in the experience- coming back to a recording where I had stopped chanting or talking, gently coming back in my own time.

After some days I decided to get up first thing and record the journey- and finally I managed to remain holding space though out the recording- though I think it took me all day to ground afterwards!

I’m curious to explore with this blending of elementals, to continue to understand more from the feedback of students, and am excited at another new door opening for my in my journey of lokk-seidr.


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