The power of Tarot

If you read my last blog you would have worked out that life has been really tough recently. (If not- you can catch up here).

I have a beautiful connection with my tarot- mostly born out of study, hard-work and lots (lots lots & lots) of practice. It is very tempting to use my cards to try to unpick exactly what is happening to significant others in my life. OK, honestly I have used the Tarot to explore the other people in this drama (I'll share that in my next blog...)

What I wanted to share in this blog is where the power in tarot really lies. The power opens when you use the tarot to understand the only thing in this world you really have control over- yourself.

It is easy with a deck of tarot cards to get caught up in what has happened, what could happen, what others think, or may do, or may not do.

All of this can be useful- but there is no power there. If the focus is too much on the past, the future, others- then you dilute the precious power of you, in this moment.

Power can lie in a simple three card reading- asking…

How am I doing right now?

How can I best use this day, week, month?

What do I most need to know?

What is blocking me?

What do I most need to do?

Power can lie in a more complex reading- perhaps a variant of a spread you already love, or you are welcome to try my reflection spread (a variant of the Celtic cross).