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Tarot for happiness

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

For a long time humans have wondered which came first- the thought, or the physical reality.

Many it seems think the thought comes first

“You are not what you think you are: but what you think, you are” Norman V Deale

Perhaps we will not answer this question conclusively in my lifetime, but our thoughts dramatically affect how we appreciate and enjoy life.

“The mind is its own place, in itself:

Can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven.” Milton

I have read for clients in the worst of situations that are focused on enjoying what they have, appreciating and making the best.

I have read for clients that have so many blessings, opportunities and wonderful things in their life- but remain focused on the one small thing still lacking.

I have come to realise that mind-set is all, it is the answer to success, and more importantly- enjoying life.

And so on to Tarot. If when we read tarot our unconscious mind understands the symbolism with in the cards in a deeply significant way, allowing us understand complicated situations, read for complete strangers, or cast a glimpse into the future.

Then how wonderful to reverse this process, and use the tarot cards to influence our deepest mind, programming ourselves to create the future we really want.

There are many different ways to do this.

I like to have a deck of tarot cards on my altar (or reading space/desk/bedside table) with the one card that most represents my wish face up on top. It suggests possibilities by having the deck underneath!

Sometimes I will take this one card, lay it face up. Shuffle the rest of the deck and ask for clear steps to achieve this hope. I then lay 3 cards down, these are my advice cards. When I put the deck back I put the 3 cards underneath my wish card to remind me. It is like creating my own manual to achieve my dream.

You can use the tarot cards to vision board, going though the deck card by card. Consciously choosing cards to represent your highest hopes- perhaps for romance, a holiday, life happiness or work. Is this positive thinking, inspirational creativity, or spell work? A little of all I tend to think.

If you are technically minded you can create a digital montage from tarot images to have as a screen saver.

Perhaps you buy a beautiful tarot deck, maybe second hand or use a deck with a card or two missing. Mount your chosen cards together to create a vision board of your hopes, frame it as an inspiring image to place in your workplace or bedroom- and use it as a meditation tool.

Pick you top few inspirational cards, choose a song to represent each- and create a magical playlist just for you!

Or represent your favourite inspirational cards with a crystal, herb or symbol (perhaps rune or astrological glyph) and create a box of hopes to keep by your bedside.

Choose a symbol from your favourite card ( I like the 3 of wands, and will use three small sticks tied together with golden thread). Perhaps pop this in your purse, on your desk, near your kettle. A constant reminder to your unconscious of your chosen goal.

And if- as at times can happen- you do a spread it is frankly terrible (I know, we all say there are no bad cards, and difficult times are an opportunity. But get real -no one wants to look at a spread that only spells trouble).

Then leave the spread out.

Consciously look through each remaining card in the deck.

Choose one that makes you smile, and place it slap bang in the middle of the “bad” spread. A little bit of fun, love or laughter always helps.

“Your subconscious mind works twenty-four hours a day, and makes provisions for your benefit, pouring all the fruit of your habitual thinking into your lap.”

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind- Joseph Murphy.

So- why not use the rich symbolism of the Tarot to feed you subconscious mind with your dreams, wishes & hopes!

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