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Can the Tarot accurately predict the future?

Well- yes, & no!

My experience is very clear, the tarot can predict accurately the future you are creating right now- and give you a chance to change that future if you wish.

Doom & Gloom predictions? The worst predictive reading I ever did was for myself.

About 10 years ago the tarot predicted my marriage was OVER. Death, the tower, 3 of swords. it was utterly clear what the cards were saying. I decided (with3 children under 5) that my marriage was worth a second shot.

I read the cards for advice, and made significant changes to my actions, thoughts & words.

I am still married, and we even had another child. The Tarot correctly predicted that without significant change my marriage was over. I chose to walk a different path and change my future.

As a professional reader relationship readings are a major focus of my readings. How accurately can I predict the future? It depends on how certain in their minds my client, and the other people in the relationship are.

Everyone has free will, and often lives are complicated and people change their mind. I have read for clients who are with some one who has made the decision to leave, even if they have not verbalised it, and I can predict accurately that the relationship will end.

I have read for complicated situations with partners & lovers, children & families. Each person may be so conflicted by their responsibilities & emotions that I can not predict accurately what will happen. Their mind is in flux, changing according to who they are with at that time.

The more control you have over a situation, the more accurate I can be.

if you have a goal, plan, hope and it takes your hard work & commitment to make it happen, then I can be really quite accurate.

When it comes to moving house, work, business set up, creative projects, publishing books and the like- my experience with clients is that I am accurate. Often even to a date, which can be in-nerving for me!

This is because I can follow their path forward with clarity because it is one person's decisions that have a major impact on timing. In the end every relationship is down to at least 2 people, so relationship readings are harder.

My understanding of how the future can, and can not be predicted has evolved mostly due to the number of regular clients I now have. When I read for someone over a number of years they can be very clear about how accurate I am, especially with email readings- which they can of course print out & keep. (Those most now tape face to face readings as well).

I tis difficult to share examples due to client confidentiality, but I am lucky enough to share one very clear story with full permission of how timing & prediction came true. You can find my blog Here Explaining how I supported an Author in writing her book, and getting it published.

My experience with predictions & Tarot is that the future is not fixed, though likelihoods, possibilities, problems & opportunities can be predicted with accuracy.

I can also pick up how certain, confident & fixed in your mind-set you are.

But, you have free will at all times. You can make decisions & change your future.

And that is what I love most of all about Tarot- I can predict where my current mind-set, lifestyle & choices are likely to take me. Then decide if I want to go there!

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