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The question of Tarot "Ethics"

Or, the #5 Tarot questions I thought I would never read for (and now do daily!)

And why I DO read for regular clients, even if the question is the same.

Before I started reading Tarot professionally I put a lot of thought into my ethics, and the questions I would not read for.

My original list read something like;

#1 Health & medical issues

#2 Financial advice

#3 Legal advice

#4 Minors, those under 18

#5 Third party readings.

I pretty soon relaised that just about every client wants to read for at least one of these, and if a client comes to me upset & confused- who am I to sit in judgement and say their difficulties don't sit with my carefully constructed ethics.

I started to understand it is the intent of the client that matters, the actual question I can rephrase to fit my - far more flexible - ethics.


#1 Health, I will read to support your health, especially for life-style & holistic healing. I will not diagnose, and I always advise you see a professional health care worker. Any advice I give is complementary to health care advice, not to replace it.

#2 Finances. Money is complicated, and our emotional connections/blocks with money are very influential. I will read for financial issues, but as with health always advise you make decisions with the full back up of a financial expert.

#3 Legal advice. As with the other two questions, I will read for you. I will look at the back story, likely outcomes (the future is not fixed, so likely outcomes not a fixed prediction) and I will look to give you advice as to how to best deal with the issue. Any advice I give you is to compliment advice given by legal professionals.

#4 I have happily read for children, with an engaged guardian present. These are empowering, reflective, supportive readings. I look for advice reflective of their life, which allows the readings to work for them.

#5 Third party readings. Try not to hate me, I do these a plenty. The vast majority of my readings are about love, families & work colleagues. Helping a client to understand these relationships, to have practical advice as to how to best deal with them, is the back-bone of my business.

I look for the intent of the client, are they looking to better understand their life, or simply poking around in other's lives? Almost with out exception my clients want to understand their role in relationships, to check in and see if they have understood the other person correctly.

What I have learnt as a professional tarot reader is that one of the most important parts of my job is phrasing, and often re-phrasing a clients question so to best help them.

"Will I get the job" can become "How can I best prepare for the job interview" or even better "How can I best acquire the right job for me"

"When will I find my soul partner" Starts with "How am I blocking/self sabotaging love", and then looks ahead at "How to best find love".

I love the diversity of the questions I get. From the single word "love" ( I get that a lot) to the multi paged stories with so much detail. Each question is as unique as the client. I have learnt that if I don't like the question that is my issue, I can -almost- always work around that.

My most difficult client? I had two.

The lady who was blank faced for the first half an hour, refusing to comment on anything. When I finally put the cards down and asked her what her agenda was. She admitted she wanted to learn Tarot with me- and needed to see if I was any good. She took my entire tarot course ans has become a good friend.

The business man who leaned back in his chair and said "if you're any good you'll know the question and the answer" Hell I love a challenge, so i was up for that.

He then asked for a character portrait on his wife and daughters. It was a fascinating spread, and I then ended up reading for most of his family. I remember with much fondness, and work regularly with one of his daughters.

Repeat Questions & regular clients?

Again, when I started I had firm guidelines " a minimum of three months" I thought.

And then I had clients in crisis, who had no-one else who understood their situation, or clients making multiple difficult decisions who needed a better overview, or clients who felt more confident after a reading- and just wanted to check they were still on course.

You may think there is a dependency, and perhaps there is. But in time they move on, find their own strength, learn from the readings and start to trust their own judgement.

So I now happily read regularly for clients. I always ensure there is a gentle move to reflective reading. Most importantly each reading is completely complete. No "hooks" to suggest they need another reading.

I have several clients who like regular readings, their life is such that they feel incapable of talking to any one else. I am not a counselor, or adviser. Any words of wisdom come from the tarot, and in a reflective reading those words (in my opinion) are directly form my clients higher guidance. I simply help them to hear them.

You may argue that a client could do that for themselves. Hell I can clean my own house, but if I could afford a cleaner I would pay them to do it. Sometimes we all need a little help.

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