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Jumping into the Void-Shaman Healing

What is shaman healing?

  • What happens, and what can you expect?

The joy of shaman healing is that the shaman will adapt his tools to exactly meet your needs, and your belief system- so no two healings will ever be quite the same.

I know what you should expect- to be respected and to feel safe. I have to be honest and say I have been to healers in the past where I did not feel this, and I am very cautious now about who I trust.

So let me share a little about my healing session, with no expectation that if you book a healing session with a shaman it will be similar.

This was my experience, and right for me.

I'd like to say straight away that I felt totally respected and safe with George. I am used to being the one holding space so I am not the easiest person to put at ease.

I have done a lot of self work in my time, but was left with a lingering lack of self esteem that was not helping- especially in the role of business owner. I found charging very very hard & have been known to work away from workshops with out taking any money at all (I have to say I was always contacted straight after by students who paid in full).

I was fairly sure this was past life stuff, and wanted a safe space to dive right back to source and release the issue.

What I love about the shaman healing I am learning from Evelyn & George is it is not about the story, or the why's or who. It is about finding the core wound and letting go.

I do a lot of holding space for others, teaching and healing. On our teaching weekends I always want to keep a tiny bit back, because I am learning all the time- and I don't want to miss a moment.

So this time I settled on the massage table, focused on the breathing technique George showed me. And went. Whilst I was away George was working on my behalf,supporting, clearing, drumming, rattling. But it was all a long, long way from me.

I just left in a moment, I love that feeling of letting go totally and being free, in another space that I can not define. I find it utterly blissful.

I was there with Odin, and Frey & Freya. Normally I work with Hel, but Freya chose to accompany me this time and I will be looking to share more journeys with her in future. I saw, as if from a great distance many lives I had lived where I chose to die for the sake of others. Some of the deaths were very painful, but they were all my choice at that time.

The pain of the deaths had created a subtle pattern of sadness that had been left across me like a grey gauze, and with Georges support and focused breathing I was able to lift this. The most beautiful thing happened, my crown chakra is usually mighty open at the best of times- that's how I connect during a tarot reading or shaman work- but it opened so wide. I could just feel this beautiful energy flowing through me. I realized that this was an experience of death, the soul leaving the body. I felt my breathing slow and it took effort to restart the deep breathing again. As I deepened the breathing I felt really content & calm.

Writing it here makes it sound smooth and simple, there were plenty of tears, it was not all smooth and light- it's just that the tears are gone now, and I still remember the beauty and bliss of the experience.

We paused for a while to check in on how I was doing (as I said there had been plenty of tears) but there was still more work to be done, especially around negative energy stored in my knees.

I believe that when we experience trauma, in this life or others, sometimes it stays with us- like an energetic scar. It becomes a weak point, a brittleness. We can notice all sorts of physical or psychological symptoms. So often we treat them, yet the energy scar is still there.

So the block in my knees was noticed. Again I drifted from this world into other places, and I saw my knees being broken at or near the point of death, time and time again. I used my breath to release what was now a lot of pain in my knees & ankles, whilst I was dimly aware of George working too.

I have no idea of why this happened to me, nor do I care. I am not seeking to validate this experience, understand it, or research it. I simply and only wanted to release the energy scars to allow me to enjoy this life more fully.

One day after the healing, I am honestly feeling much better about money, boundaries & my own self esteem. I do feel very exhausted, as if a great deal of work happened in that short time.

I feel happier, tougher, more in the moment.

I also had a deeper understanding of why the Queen of cups is my shadow card, I will be writing about that when I have understood it a little better.

I am working with Evelyn Brodie ( & George Christy ( & I offer shaman healing myself based between Lewes & Uckfield (

I never intended to be a shaman healer, life just always seemed to point in that direction, but now I am a shaman healer- i wouldn't miss it for the world. x

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