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Arkartia: Explore the Magical World of Tarot!

I am so excited to have had a sneak peak at this amazing project.

I am very old school, and struggle with technology. I have only just started using online music as my c.d. player has broken and my kids demanded "spotify"

So I did struggled at first with the concept of Arkartia.

But I thought about the flow of tarot design, how the cards have adapted and evolved to reflect current culture. How like an aural tradition they are alive, influenced by the times they are used in. And yet, a big part of their magic is , many many people (myself included) still like to read with replicas of much older decks.

Isn't that a wonderful thing about our tarot tradition? it's sheer diversity.

Now we have a completely new way to understand the tarot, and therefore to help understand ourselves.

To be able immerse myself in the tarot world, to explore how it interrelates, and relates to me.

To grasp at the structure that is inside the tarot, binding each card together in a slightly different way.

And the imagery in Arkartia is simply breathtaking!

I am really excited. It is not my place to explain any further how Arkartia works, just to say this is a huge step forward in the world of tarot.

For the first time, in a long time, this is truly innovative.

Take a look for yourself here

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