Running an Holistic business- what I wish someone had told me.

Tarot reading professionally, is a business. It takes business skills

When I started it was teaching a small class monthly. Most of my time was spent researching and writing my course which in time became the basis for my book.

I loved this stage- focused on research, writing and teaching. I was only making a little after costs were taken out (advertising & room hire) but I really didn’t mind.

I had no long term awareness of how my business would need to grow, I was only focused on teaching, and enjoying exploring and sharing tarot.

I’m sure some people are so placed that their business grows organically, with little effort or focus. But I bet most readers & holistic practitioners have to start thinking about the business side, to work to grow their business at some time.

And I bet many, many readers struggle with this- i know I did. I felt like I had to learn a whole new language. As if every part of the journey needed a new skill, and I spent a LOT of time reading, reading, reading.

Some of the skills I have learnt (and are learning)-

  • Website building

  • Marketing & advertising

  • Photo editing

  • S.E.O.

  • Copy writing

  • Accounts

  • Punctuation and grammar (still working on this)

  • Customer relations

  • Dealing with pay-pal (when it goes wrong!)

  • And much, much, much more.

Since I first released that to earn an income from tarot I would need to run it it as a business I have read a LOT of business books & blogs. When I started out I didn’t even know what a P.D.F was, I had no internet connection, and (honestly) we didn’t even have a computer.