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Understanding the Moon

The moon, a fascinating card whose meaning can be much changed and influenced by the question, and the cards surrounding it.

I would like to explore some of it's most common meanings for me in readings, and walk through the curious symbolism of this card.

The moon itself.

The moon, when up at night, can offer us light in the darkest of nights. But this light is reflected light from the sun. Most often for me in a reading the Moon suggests my client isn't fully aware of things. This is not the time to make a decision, wait until things are a little clearer.

Because reflections are never a true reflection of their source- try reading some writing in the mirror.

The moon card is often telling me I can see no further with this question at the moment.

The journey

I see the moon card as a journey. From the ocean right to the next card,to where you reach the brow of the hill and leave the moon card. (Where the next card is the Sun- clarity)

The ocean.

I connect the ocean with our deepest unconscious, lost memories, our past, shadow work, and past lives if that works for you.

I see the crayfish as deepest fears, and I am aware that I have read this from many other Tarot authors too. There is something primeval about the animal, and it incites a feeling of anxiety in me.

The Hounds/dogs

I visualize myself on the path, caught & paralyzed between my worst, deepest fears and those huge unworldly dogs. Under the light of the moon things seem different, out of perspective. It would be easy to stay trapped in this dark, fear filled moment.

As I walk towards the dogs I start to realise they are dogs only, howling happily at the moon. My fear distorted their size.

The Moon can tell us to face our fears.

After the dogs, as I keep walking along my path, there are two towers.

I see these as the illusion (for the moon is often about illusion) of security. The road is hard & long, you are not fully sure where it will go, or when you will get there. You are tempted to rest awhile in this comfortable security...

But turn your eye to the meaning of the Tower. Do you really want to have to go through all the upset of breaking free AGAIN. Walk on, be brave, keep going.

The Moon can tell us to just keep going slowly on, one foot at a time.

Now the path takes us up hills and down valleys. If you do much walking you will know how frustrating it is (especially with exhausted children!) to have been walking for ages, to see the brow of the hill and race up it with excitement and certainty that the walk is over, the picnic area found. You reach the Brow of the hill, to see more valleys and hills stretching on, and on.

The Moon can remind you pace yourself, nurture yourself. Because the way ahead is not completely clear it may take a while yet.

The symbols that are falling from the moon are considered to be "Yods", they represent the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and can be found in several Tarot cards (including 3 Aces & the Tower) I believe they are there as a blessing, and to say the road ahead may be difficult- but it will be worthwhile.

I know the moon can refer to much else in a Tarot reading, hormone & sleep issues, paying attention to dreams and messages from the psyche, shadow work...

For me the most common meanings for the moon is;

  • Ask about something else, it is not the right time to be asking this question.

  • Don't make a decision, you don't have a clear understanding at the moment.

  • Just keep going, face the fear one step at a time.


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