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A Shaman's thoughts on tarot

How my Tarot understanding deepens, as my shaman training goes further…

I have been a Shaman guide (leading others on their journey) for several years, and am now undertaking some training with Evelyn Brodie to become a Shaman Healer.

So much of what I have experienced this weekend resonates with Tarot, especially;

Because human beings remember with neurons, we are disposed to see more of what we have already seen, hear anew what we have heard most often, think just what we have always thought.”

“The neural past interferes with the present. Experience methodically rewires the brain, and the nature of what it has seen dictates what it can see”

(A General Theory of Love)

In other words; if you are constantly focused on how little choice, or money, or opportunities you have. Then the pathways in your brain connected with these thoughts run super-fast. They will outrun all other thoughts.

If you are presented with an opportunity, then your well used brain pathways will take over- and you will quickly remind yourself you never have any luck and walk away from the opportunity.

Perhaps you don’t believe your brain can trick you in this way?

My husband went for a job interview a few years ago. He felt defeated before he even went due to his age.

When he came back he threw some papers on the table and announced it a “complete waste of time”

I checked the papers, and they were police check forms (his job was as gardener in a care-home) I was little confused, as I thought they only gave these if your interview was successful.

On a chance I rang the care-home and bluffed a little “My husband is a little uncertain of the start date” the receptionist replied “Oh, as soon as possible, once those police forms are done”

Somehow my husband was offered the job, and appeared to accept the job, yet his brain had registered the defeat he expected.

What about the Tarot…..

A Tarot reading (in my opinion) allows you to take a look at life with the blinkers taken off.

It opens your mind to all possibilities, over-rides your brains expectations.

A Tarot reading reflects reality, more than your brain does with it's pre-conceived expectations.

Which is why an excellent tarot reading, really is a worthwhile investment (of time, or money).

A good tarot reading reflects reality and allows you to make the right decions, not your usual ones!

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