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How do I know if my Tarot readings are accurate?

The best way to know if a reading is accurate? Start the reading based on something you can verify; Something in the present or past.

I often like to start a reading with what I call a "reflection spread" reflecting the current situation, perhaps how they someone is feeling, or what the main worry is right now.

That way I can get feed back straight away, and know that my connection & reading is accurate.

In a face to face reading, this is a natural first step. It also helps my client focus on how I can help them. People often come to me with one question in their mind, and another in their heart.

This initial reading can help them decide what they want the rest of the reading to focus upon.

With email readings I may start with a mini reflection spread, to help me really connect, then flow straight into finding the advice the client needs.

Or many people like to use my "try me" deal; 3 cards for £5 (about $6). Usually (every reading is different) I use the first card to represent the "situation" allowing me to show some understanding of what the client is experiencing.

"Oh my goodness you are so spot on with whats going on just now! Wow!"

I like to think of myself as a helpful Tarot reader. Many people who book readings are in a state of confusion, difficulty or genuine crisis.

I consider it very important to stick to the area of life I have been asked about, and to be as precise as possible. If you've asked me about how best to improve your business- I am not going to talk about love possibilities in five years time.

I am often asked would "this" or "that" be better. In an adult world often neither option is perfect. I try to offer a little light on the possibilities- so you can make the best decision for you.

I always offer hope.

I am not going to break client confidentiality, but I have read for people in such sad situations. Yet there is always some hope, some advice, some guidance, to be gained from a tarot reading.

And I will find it!

This is not about fluffing around the edges of bad news, this about using the tool of tarot to help some-one find their best possibility. There is always a slightly better way through difficulties, if that is all I can offer- I will at least find that easier route, that source of strength needed now.

What about bad news, or difficult cards?

If I see difficult times ahead, I will always pull advice cards to help you deal with the difficulties in the best possible way.

I've had my fair share of them! Most notably the lady whose future was all made up of nasty swords cards, from 2 different decks.

Three months later she was back for another reading, and she seemed like a different person. The cards were joyous, bright and positive.

I asked her what had changed and she replied "I have" seeing her anxiety, stress and misery so clearly inspired her to change the way she dealt with life.

I continued reading for her, for a couple of years, and she actually grew happier and happier.

And she is not the only person see change her life, inspired by tarot guidance!

Remember the tarot does not create your future (you do that).

Difficulties picked up the cards were there (or coming) anyway.

A Tarot reading allows you to prepare, consider, plan, make changes, adapt.

A Tarot reading offers information & guidance. It offers you the support & guidance needed, helping you to decide what is the best way forward.

Isn't the future fixed?

My experience is that the future is not fixed, though usually our minds are!

Often our futures are restricted and fixed by our beliefs, expectations, fears & conditioning.

In fact I have seen, as layers of restrictive thought are lifted, how a reading can grow and change- reflecting someones new found hope and optimism.

This is, I think, the biggest gift of a tarot reading. To have a glimpse of your life opportunities. Without your own inner critic telling you what you should or cannot do.

To see your full possibilities, and where that could lead you in life.

It can be inspiring, exciting, empowering...

If you'd like to book an email reading with me you can do that here.

Perhaps you'd like to know HOW I can read by email? There's more detained information about that here.

Or read some of my reviews here.

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