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Samhain thoughts

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I held a Samhain gathering to connect with the ancestors yesterday.

I started the group with focused business. Wool wrapping, gathering natural materials, led meditation, intent setting. Clear focus, clear intent, clear direction. Focus & direction.

The energies took a while to settle, but this clear direction worked, amidst coughs and planes and wasps slowly it became quiet.

We burnt our wool-wrapped representations as I drummed, and the fire seemed to sing its own song.

And then, after all the direction and focus there was space for stillness. I asked everyone to simply sit and connect to their ancestors.

And as we became still the barn became busy.

The Owls called, the Robins- well were loud. Small scurryings seemed to fill the barn to the point I had to check candles weren't being knocked over.

The ancestors came close, and made their presence known. I felt very blessed.

I often feel we have lost more than we have gained with our busy 24/7 lifestyles.

In the end I spent a full 7 hours in the barns, arriving very early, and clearing up very slowly.

Lingering in the dark and stillness.

I feel very grateful for this pause in my busy life.

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