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Surviving & Thriving in a Black Moon

A Black moon (Moon card from the Mary El tarot) simply means that in one calendar moon there will be two new moons. It is however quite a rare event, and the psychological impact can be quite intense, especially if you are already sensitive to the moons influence.

I can see three main impacts on sensitives, and I have read to offer advice for each of these impacts.

Of course it is quite likely that you will experience all three!

Deeper connection with your intuition (heightened psychic awareness)

7 wands, devil, 7 pentacles

Interesting to note two 7's, 7 is a number of magic, and change on a deeper level! This deepening of your psychic connection could well be a long lasting change, if you let it.

Nestled at the feet of the farmer in the 7 of pentacles is a single pentacle, the ace he will planting for next years harvest.

If you allow this shift to happen it will bring long lasting benefits...

BUT the devil, the card of excuses and expectations. Don't allow your rational brain talk you out of hearing that gentle whisper from your higher self...

Releasing of old psychological blocks

9 pentacles, page of pentacles, 6 of wands

If this feels like you, try to find some time alone, in peace, ideally outside (9 pentacles) and trust that how ever uncomfortable this feels there is a gentleness to the process too.

Try to trust in the process, and stay in the moment as you release. Feel any emotions as they are bought back to mind, and gently release them. (with focused breathing on the out breath, writing, crying...)

If you are left feeling anxious, depressed, or sad as part of this, don't push the emotions down in eagerness to get to the end.

Walk through this one step at a time (page of pentacles)

Because you finish this feeling better (if you stay with the process), you will feel re-energized, confident, and enthusiastic about life.

It will be worth the difficulties in the long run. (6 of wands)

But it is all so overwhelming!

2 pentacles, 6 cups, 8 wands

Try to nurture yourself, especially your inner child- who is really kicking back at these deep energies. (2 pentacles, 6 cups)

Because I think the influence of this dark moon will be fast and deep, likely to sweep you off your feet.

So a little gently grounding and nurturing will help to survive this period.

Which will will soon pass (8 of wands) and offer great benefits of heightened spiritual connection and a feeling of release from old wounds-just slow down and nurture your inner child!

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