What is a shaman?

What is shamanism?

For me shamanism is when you switch off your "monkey" mind and let your consciousness journey and connect. Your mind and body remain still and your consciousness explores and interacts with guides, archetypes and others.

"The shaman is someone who has woken up to the reality behind apparent reality, the reality of the imagination. The commonplace statement "oh its only imagination" is a gross denial of not only the whole realm of magical, but any understanding of how the universe really works. This is where the shaman works; in the realm of cause, in the imagination, the thought or dream realm where all is conceived and of which this familiar third dimension of gross material reality is but a reflection." Leo Rutherford

Who can be a shaman?

I think anyone can walk a shamanic path to connect to their guides.

It does take practise, experience and the breadth of experience that working with others brings to lead/heal others on a shamanic level.

How can it help me?

Shamanism helps you to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. What has hurt you in the past, and where you have not healed from past hurt.

Where you give your power to others- and where you take power from others.

It helps you to be more "whole" to step into being really you- appreciating your gifts, and being aware of your weaknesses.