Tarot for wellbeing

April 4, 2016



My Tarot forcus for the month of April is wellbeing. 


For me "wellbeing" is a subtle balance of the four energy bodies we all have; our spirit, emotions, mind and physical.

Spotting which one of these bodies is most under stress, or under-nurtured, can be a simple way to highlight any dis-ease we may be experiencing. The easiest way to explore the balence of wellbeing in a larger spread is to look at the balance between the four suits, especially looking for where problems and stress points lie;


  • Wands (fire) represent your spiritual body, aura & energy levels.

  • Cups (water) represent your emotional body & relationships. How you are feeling.

  • Swords (air) represent your mind & words. Thinking too much, anxious, tense, stressed, low self esteem?

  • Pentacles (earth) represents your physical body. Diet, herbs, exercise, aches & pains.


If you want an instant reflection on the four energy bodies, just shuffle calmly until ready; then pull 4 cards, one for each of the four energy bodies (spirt/energy, emotional, mind, physical) and see what advice the cards have for you.


 And don't forget tarot cards can be used the other way round! You can consciously chose a card to represent whent you need a little more of in life, and leave it somewhere you will regularly see. 


Lost your passion for life, low in energy, hard to feel motivated;  Ace of Wands

Feeling un-appreciated, sad, underloved, depressed;  Ace of cups

Mind in overdrive, or feeling foggy and can't seem to think clearly; Ace of swords

General exhasution, physical aches & pains, know your diet & exercise need improving; Ace of pentacles 


As a professional tarot reader I do get asked about heallth questions. As a Tarot reader these are my personal guidelines;


  • I am not a Dr. If some one is worried about their health I will always recommend they see their health care practitioner (alternative or otherwise)

  • I do not diagnose, not even based upon personal experieince. If I have an opinion I will express it when the cards are away, and clearly as my opinion, not related to the reading.

  • I will only prescribe holistic, life enhancing practises (when suggested by the cards) ensuring the client realises this is secondary to any proffessional health advice they have recieved.

  • I will frame the question as how to offer support, enhance vitality & increase health. Not as a predictive reading.


If you read the cards, you will need to consider how you handle health questions.

The simplest way is to frame the question carefully. "How could X best improve their health" is always a good starting point.


Interested in learning more?

  • Come along to my Tarot for wellbeng workshop on Sunday 10th April

  • Book yourself a one-one tutorial covering using Tarot for wellbeing

  •  Book yourself a Tarot reading with me (face to face, skype, phone) and let me help you balence your four energy bodies.













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