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What does the Justice Tarot card mean?

A curious card, how do you feel about it?

Often in a reading I will say “you will get what you deserve-“ and that can create some very different reactions. Clients may say...

  1. “Oh, that’s me done for then, I really don’t deserve the success, or haven’t put much effort in.”

  2. “Fantastic, I know I deserve this”

  3. “Good, I still have time to focus and make this work then”

Obviously answer 3 is the most encouraging from a tarot readers point of view as it suggests my client is aware that the responsibility and power for their life, resides with them.

Answer 3 leaves the way wide open for me to help guide them forward, and is a beautiful reminder of how I view karma.

I’m sure on one level we are born with an imprint, a residue, desires if you like, which come to us from past lives.

Karma is also about our D.N.A, our family of birth, time and culture of birth.

But we create karma with every breath we take, every thought word and action. Karma grows with us through out life- it is not only given at birth.

So, time to stop reflecting and start looking at symbols in the Rider-Waite card


Yes, twin pillars are there (again!) linking this card to the High Priestess & Hierophant. I see the oceans of the unconscious and then connection to the great divine/universal energy as being behind the curtain.

So for me, much as Justice can refer to laws of the land, there is also a reference to a more universal/karmic law. The simple law of action & reaction, or consequences. (not punishment or retribution)

Everything you think, do & say will make a change, does have a consequence.

Sword held upright (as with the Queen of swords)

The karmic laws are what they are. Like death (though probably not taxes) they apply to all.

It’s just that some people are aware of them, understand them, work with them. And others kick back against “unfairness” with out thinking that maybe there are subtle laws at work that they can not understand.

The scales 9 (as in the 6 pentacles)

I think this is the most important symbol in the card. Think how scales work. You but weight in one side, which then lowers. And the opposite side rises by exactly the same amount. Equal and opposite.

You cannot move one scale, without the other reacting.

I think a lot of life is like this, everything you do. Each smile, or cookie eaten, or help offered will have an impact. Wise people are aware of both scales, of how they affect others and how others affect them.

Self absorbed people only see one scale, with no understanding of consequences.

I was once told the longest part of any spell should be considering the consequences, of the consequences, of the consequences of your actions. What a shame that so much of our current political system (from all sides) seems to have lost sight of the impact of our actions on our great, Great Grandchildren.

The square broach, with the circle in the middle.

Traditionally the square represents the material world, and the circle the soul or spirit.

This reminds me that however spiritually connected I may feel I am. I am in a physical body and must work with in the physical rules too If I don’t eat well I will get ill, if I get to cold I will die. I need to pay attention to my physical needs as well as my spiritual ones.

In a reading I have found Justice to be very useful.

She reminds me to focus on my integrity, reminds me that every thought, word and deed will come back to me in some form.

She reminds me that I create much of my life, if she pops up relating to a project or hope she lets me know to check I am putting enough effort in. She says “yes, it will work-if you have done enough”

She reminds me to focus on the bigger picture. Not to lose my temper because some one “presses my buttons” to be proactive in my life, not reactive.

Sometimes, of course, she can refer to law of the land- but I would need that to be shown either by the question or other cards.

And sometimes she tells me the issue is to do with past life stuff, most often in relationship readings. To tell me there are patterns of behavior here that are deeper than the current relationship.

And curious that she does seem to be a “she” (what do you think) Because for many, many years in England there were no woman judges. It comforts me tho think the laws of karma and the spirit are perhaps quite intuitive and based more on emotion & intent than action & outcome.


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