What does the Justice Tarot card mean?

A curious card, how do you feel about it?

Often in a reading I will say “you will get what you deserve-“ and that can create some very different reactions. Clients may say...

  1. “Oh, that’s me done for then, I really don’t deserve the success, or haven’t put much effort in.”

  2. “Fantastic, I know I deserve this”

  3. “Good, I still have time to focus and make this work then”

Obviously answer 3 is the most encouraging from a tarot readers point of view as it suggests my client is aware that the responsibility and power for their life, resides with them.

Answer 3 leaves the way wide open for me to help guide them forward, and is a beautiful reminder of how I view karma.

I’m sure on one level we are born with an imprint, a residue, desires if you like, which come to us from past lives.

Karma is also about our D.N.A, our family of birth, time and culture of birth.

But we create karma with every breath we take, every thought word and action. Karma grows with us through out life- it is not only given at birth.