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Why I love the the Queen of Swords

I think we all need at least one Queen of swords in our life.

(Though I am using “she” in this blog, my Queen of swords description could just as easily be a “he”)

Here are some of the key symbols (in the Rider-Waite card) that I think make her such an amazing person to have in your life;

One swords, held upright & one bird

The Queen of Swords only communicates one thing, her truth. It may not be THE truth (what is that anyway?) it may not be YOUR truth, but it is her opinion, her truth on what ever matter you asked.

Why is this important? Because “truth” is a complicated matter. Most things in life are subjective, most people see the world through a complicated mist of their emotions, insecurities, cultural references and expectations.

A problem can seem magnified by our fears, or a plan successful because we haven’t factored in the realities. A Queen of Swords will point out when your “truth” has been hi-jacked by fears or unfounded optimism.

A Queen of Swords helps you to find your truth, by being so honest with hers.

Her red shoe, clearly on the ground.

What I love (perhaps most) about my Queen of Swords friends (and yes i have a couple in mind) is their practicality. Their willingness not only to offer their honesty, but offer help in whatever way they can too.

Not the generalized “Oh I’d love to help…..” but the specific “I could do this for you tomorrow, if that would help” Clear help, defined by what they can offer and when.

Help that you can depend upon.

The red tie on the left hand

Now I have read many things this could symbolize, but for me it is the rope that tied the lady in the 8 of swords.

This Queen of Swords is a warrior. She has fought her way through her problems, to a place of relative independence and security.

The best people to help in life are those who have survived, and are even now thriving; having struggled with the difficulties you now face.

Make no mistake, if you have a Queen of swords as a friend- somewhere along the way she has faced, and coped with, tremendous difficulties. She is a warrior.

The Butterflies (on her crown & throne)

Every moment the world changes around us, whether individuals, politics, science, our understanding of history…And if you are trying to always see the world as honestly as possible- you must always be prepared to adapt and change yourself.

The butterfly’s represent this remarkable Queens ability to see a change, and change with it. To be always reflecting that her understanding of the truth matches what can see in the world.

She has understood one of the universal truths, life is change.

The water in the card

Note the fast flowing stream to the left of the card, and the vast billowing clouds (water vapor) Water is the link to the suit of cups. A connection with heart, soul & emotion.

Note also the winged cherub on her throne (perhaps a reference to her connection with her higher guidance- think of the lovers & judgement)

At her best (and we all have off days) this is a woman who always looks for the truth in a situation, but is connected with her heart too.

Knowing the Queen of Swords

Lets get this straight, if you’ve had a bad day and you just want someone to tell you it’s all going to be all right, regardless of whether it will be or not, then chose a different Queen. (Likewise if you put on a new dress and ask her if you look fat in it- well be prepared for the answer)

Head to the Queen of swords if you want;

  • Simple, honest answers that will help you sort it all out.

  • To feel secure that there are no games being played.

  • help and support and need to know that what is offered is dependable.

  • You head feels like it is falling apart and you want some to help you to realise that that is o.k.

  • You want to feel inspired.

Now obviously, there are many people out there that reflect the more negative, controlling, self destructive, bitter and frankly delusional side of the Queen of Swords. But hey, this blog is dedicated to a Queen of Swords I know who has helped me to appreciate the very best this court card can offer.

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