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Tarot In-depth, 3

The suit of wands, and exploring intuitive reading skills.

Ok. Let's be honest- this is my favourite suit, and although I love researching and exploring the images in the Rider-Waite cards. I am a very intuitive reader. So this module has been a delight to create!

Have fun, be playful, and remember you can can revisit this module when ever you need to.

The suit of wands is a fascinating one, and yet can be a hard suit to read.

After all- the other suits are easier to define: emotions, logical thought & words, the practical world.

But what is Wands? Its a sort of enthusiastic, intuitive determination.  This is perhaps easier to understand as our energy or "will" (determination.)

"The mental power used to control and direct your thoughts and actions, or a determination to do something, despite any difficulties or opposition:

There is of course an overlap with the suit of swords (but compare the knights of wands and swords and that overlap is clear) but this concept of will is the nearest I have come to expressing the energy of wands.

What's the problem with Wands? well compare the enthusiasm of the Ace with the overwhelm of the 10. When we are in a wands moment our enthusiasm doesn't always reflect the amount of time and resources we have!

Take your wands cards out, look through them one by one. Allow yourself to soak in the many amazing details in these cards.

Ask yourself:

  • Are the wands grounded? (wands need to be grounded)

  • How is the wand held? Is it held? Curious how in the 4 & 8 no-one is holding the wands.

  • Are the wands in alignment (mostly parallel) or is there a chaotic feel?

  • Is the person wearing gloves? what could this indicate?

I'm pointing out some of the small details to open up the awareness of just how much difference there is between the wands cards- and this isn't always fully appreciated unless you have all the wands cards out together.

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I've mentioned "root" and "crown" chakra several times- so this is a small reflection on the chakras.

Most sources talk about 7 main chakras (there are others), these are energy centres in the body- they have various associations in including sound, colour, emotions etc.

As a simple introduction:

Crown- purple- spiritual/intuitive connection.

Third eye- indigo- empathic connection to others.

Throat- sky blue- speaking your truth.

Heart - green- feelings.

Solar Plexus- yellow- Will, determination, inner fire.

Sacral chakra - orange- creativity, sensuality.

Root- red- feeling safe, basic needs, connection to body & earth.

My experience is that the crown and root are connected, creating a divine channel. To really allow the crown to be open you need to be grounded and feel safe.

I have included here a short led meditation with runic chants to clear the chakras, and a focus on grounding and connecting to your root. 

Please feel under no obligation to work with this- but if it works for you then use it as often as you like.

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