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Tarot In-depth, 2

The Court Cards!

Now I know lots of people struggle with the court cards- but they are my favourite cards.

You'll find lots of different resources here. Don't feel you need to understand everything in the first go. If you find a way of looking at the cards that makes sense to you- then go with that.

I hope at the end of this module you are starting to love the courts as much as I do.

So- lets get a few basics out of the way.

  • Most of the time I believe the Court cards represent people, roles, psychology and attitudes in a reading. These 16 cards are the characters in the story. Get to know them as real people and it all gets a lot easier.

  • I believe the cards reflect psychology rather than body. I do not believe that the Queen of Pentacles has to be a middle aged married mother. 

  • All of the court cards have an equal value. They are not a true hierarchy- rather a continuum within which we all find ourselves.

  • There will be certain court cards that sit well with you, that you find reflect your core self. Perhaps the biggest gift is finding yourself in each of the 16 court cards.

  • Certain cards will come to have a personal association with you (to represent your partner, child, boss, to come as a warning or blessing). This is normal and a great development. Just don't presume it will always apply when reading for another person.

Now I can be quite wordy, and dive in deep. Some of you may love that, but for others it may be overload - you don't need to understand all of this in one month, re-visit as often as suits you...

Please start with the introduction PDF, then you can go with what catches your fancy. The in-depth PDF is the appropriate pages from my book.

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