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In the end- it's the people that I meet that bring the colour to my life!

I love the energy of teaching, of connecting and holding space. From an in-depth Tarpot correspondence course, to in person Runic chanting in the Old Barns..

Have a browse - see if you'd like to join one of my spaces.


Tarot Topics

My monthly Zoom session (all recorded in case you hate Zoom!)

Having fun, exploring all things Tarot.


Tarot In-depth

An eleven month correspondence course, with personal mentoring with me.

Sharing everything I know about Tarot, and supporting you to build your own relationship with the cards.



My 17 month correspondence course, deep diving into Rune-magic.  Including a monthly community Zoom call.

Supporting you in working with the runes as a Seer, Healer, Shaman, and for personal development.


Runes-an introduction

An online course introducing the 16 runes of the Younger Futhark.

A one off payment to a growing one-line portal of Rune information (including shamanic journeys and healing meditations)

Coming soon!

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The Barns

Meeting in person (TN22 5UG) to chant, enjoy drummed journeys and gong baths.

A space for gentle fellowship and experiencing the magic of the Runes.

Twice monthly on a Wednesday evening.


Rune Magic

A series of full day, in person, workshops (TN22 5UG).

In each session we will explore a different aspect of working with the runes- for healing, Seer work, magic, journeying.. etc.

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