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In the end- it's the people that I meet that bring the colour to my life!

I love the energy of teaching, of connecting and holding space.

Have a browse - see if you'd like to join one of my spaces.


The Barns

My in person regular space- A little rune-lore, some chanting, shamanic journeying.

Deeply transformative, the centre of my community space.

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Tarot Topics

A monthly Zoom space for all things Tarot!

A different focus each month- designed to spark your interest in tarot and help you to connect to the cards.


The magical use of Runes

A year long course (which you can take via Zoom or in person) exploring the magical uses of runes.



My deep-dive into the runes; lore, magic & shamanism. 

Via email, recorded audio and Zoom.

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