Let me help you to plan to succeed!

The tarot does not predict the future, it predicts the path you are on right now.  Using the Tarot and my intuitive skills I can help you to find the best path forward for you.

I have helped authors, musicians, artists, beauticians, various holistic professionals, local shops, property developers,  cafes, farmers & numerous trades people develop find their route to success. 

I have supported people as they take their first steps into trading, and guided small businesses through difficult times, helped creatives establish their trade. 

I have helped people from all walks of life, and all backgrounds find that missing piece in their life.

Imagine how I can help you...

What is it you would most like to achieve?

Your goal may be big, or small.

Personal, professional, or spiritual. 

  • I will help you to define your goal.

  • Reflect where you are now- strengths, weaknesses, self limiting blocks (always useful to know!)

  • Use the tarot to help you glance at future possibilities, finding the best way forward.

  • Highlight possible problems so you can be prepared.

  • Help you to better communicate with any other people involved. 

  • Keep you focused, motivated and on track!

I share one of my success stories in detail here- have a read and see how I supported a local author from seed the of an idea to published book.

Sometimes you just want a little bit more...

My mentor package allows us to create a special relationship. You can connect with me as and when you need to- face to face, via skype or phone, and email. 

You can ping me a message when really struggling and I will do a three card reading for you that day. I will aim to reply to your emails within 24 hours- letting you know ahead of time if I am unavailable. 

You will have access to my private calendar- showing all my possible free slots, so you can book into see me as and when you need to.  

This is about you and I working together with focus to help you succeed. I will work with you for as long as you need me to. Whether it is to help you through a difficult time, or simply as a spiritual guide. 

At all times I will be blending my shamanic skills and my tarot skills- whether online, or face to face.

Little seed trying to break free for fre

Everyone's needs are slightly different- this package is about service, relationship, my role as your guide, rather than booking me by the hour. 

If you are looking for exceptional service combined with inspirational guidance- this is the package for you. Curious about whether I could help you? Book a free 20 minute telephone call with me and find out! Just click here.

You can pay a monthly payment of £150 which will cover a one face to face session, or in-depth skype session. Then any email support, quick readings & telephone contact you may need. 

If you would prefer a one off payment- you can pay £185, and I will let you know how much you have spent as you go depending on how much support you are needing. 

I am so excited at this opportunity, I have witnessed the difference having a little intuitive help along the way can make. 

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