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A complete course on the magic of runes

Are you fascinated by the runes? Curious to know more?

This course (in person or via Zoom) will take you on a journey- exploring shamanic journey, rune reading, rune magic, sounding runes for healing and trance.

I have been working with the runes for over 20 years, and work full time as a Tarot reader and Nordic shaman.


My workshops are practical- because I use this works to transform people's lives on a daily basis. 

So whether you are a complete beginner (loads of background information provided) or already deep on your personal shamanic or runic path- I invite you to join me.

New for 2024- a series of in-depth Rune & Shamanism workshops

January; An initial email with attached booklet introducing each rune.


February 4th; Working with Spirit guides.​​ Finding your personal spirit guide or power animal, how to develop this relationship, and how it helps with protection and healing.

March 3rd; Rune reading. We'll look  at time, fate, the runes, all the ins and outs of how to use runes for wise counsel (I will have runes sets you can borrow or buy).

June 2nd; Rune magic. I'll take you through the steps of a basic bind-rune, and how to use it magically to create change in your life. There'll be a chance to create one on the day with my personal support.

July 7th; Grounding and protecting. Exploring all the techniques I use for grounding and protecting- breathing, sound, rune magic, opening & closing space, journeying, and working with specific deities.

October 5th/6th; Journeying. A full weekend exploring the axis mundi of the world tree- and where we can journey to with chant, drum and gong. Basic accommodation available if you like to stay and chat into the evening.

November 3rd; Chant. Exploring the "lokk" (chant) and how it can be used for journeying, healing, protection, clearing, and magic.

 We meet in some beautiful barns in the woodland, with free parking, warm indoor space, hot drinks and toilet. (there is one staircase).  Welcome from 10, starts at 10.30- finishing at 3.30, but chat and grounding until 4.00 (a chance to ask questions, breathe, gather yourself)

Whatever the topic each session will include:

  • Group chanting (lokk) to bring us together as a group, release stress, and perhaps create an altered state of consciousness.

  • Led journey (with drum, gong, and my chant woven together). this may be meditative, or shamanic, depending on what you most need on the day.

  • A chance to ask as many questions as you want!

  • Fellowship- a friendly time, shared with good folk.

I am very happy to run this via Zoom as well (there would be two Zoom sessions, and one recorded audio per module). If you would like to take part please email me- I would need a minimum of five to follow through.

The magical use of runes




I have tried to find the balance between affordable for you, and covering the time and effort involved for me. 

There is a £70 deposit to secure your place for the whole course. I will keep to limited numbers to ensure I can hold a safe and friendly space.

For the entire in person course (including deposit) I am asking for for between £560- £450 depending on your income. And once your deposit is paid we can discuss whether you would rather pay upfront,  instalments, or for each workshop as it comes. (£64-£80 per day depending on income).

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