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Rune-Gata, a Fellowship

The runes are more than associations- they are symbols,  blue prints, an access point for personal and ancestral wisdom.

They can be used for personal reflection, healing, shamanic work, as well as the more traditional tool to understand the flow of a situation.

This is where I share my experience of working with the runes for over 20 years, and help you find your own personal relationship with the runes.

My on-line (email & Zoom) course integrates perfectly with my in person workshops. Though if distance is a problem it works well on its own.


Each month we dive deep into a rune (as well as some "integrate" months to look at wider topics).

  • At the start of the month you receive an emailed PDF exploring the rune or topic.

  • In the middle of the month you receive an audio of a shamanic journey.

  • At the end of the month we have a Zoom meeting to discuss, reflect, and you can ask any questions.


  • Start at any point, and simply keep going until you have finished.

  • Its a monthly payment- so if it doesn't suit you then simply cancel your payment.

  • Once you have finished the cycle you are welcome to stay on the course at a much reduced price as an alumni. 

This course is all about building a personal connection with the runes, and using them  in your life. I will explore how the runes can be used for; personal development, magic, healing and shamanic work. I am not teaching formulas or key words- rather sharing my understanding and supporting you on your rune journey.


No previous experience needed, but experience welcome!

September  -h,,   October -   November - u   December 13th- f   January - Integrate   February- i   March-n   April-m May-s  June-y  July-Integrate   August-o   September-t   October- m  November- k   December- a   January-Integrate  February--b  March- l April-j

Best Value




Every month

Community study

Valid for 19 months

Monthly email- PDF of information about the rune/topic

Monthly community Zoom call- teaching & discussion

Monthly recorded shamanic/healing journey

Suggestions to deepen your personal connection

"A vast and mutually evolving encyclopaedia of practical rune-lore which transforms symbols into living energies, to work with, and explore

Working through the Younger Futhark, a month at a time, allows the archetypes to come alive, usually with a beautiful synchronicity of what is passing through our lives at that time."

"I have been engaged in Maddy's rune-lore course for over a year now. Delving into the nuances, characteristics, archetypes and deities attached to each rune has been intensely interesting. The more I learn the more I realise there is to learn and the way in which Maddy teaches makes that feel like a very exciting prospect. Her personal knowledge and experience of the runes is nothing more than incredible."

Why work with me?

I have been working with the runes since 1999 (I moved to Orkney to learn with Shaun Brassfield-Thorpe) and have been teaching rune-lore and lokk-seidr for about 10 years.

I love holding space, sharing wisdom- but most of all creating a sense of community so you can question, discuss, and develop your own understanding.

The Norse wisdom was always shared through stories, and fire-side discussion. Then it was written down- and we still have access to this through the Edda's and the rune poems. These are amazing resources- but to me Norse wisdom is also a deeply personal journey. We need to understand the runes for ourselves- and that is where the value of a guide, and community really become important.

Yes I will share what I understand, my personal experiences. But I will also hold space for you to find your understanding- which may be different to mine- and that is OK.

There will be references to the mythology, rune-reading, energy healing, and shamanic journeying. A lot of tools for personal development.

This course is perfect if you are curious about the runes, looking for a Norse based community, or as an holistic therapist looking to deepen a healing modality.

Some of my students are deeply academic- loving the runes. Others just enjoy the community and find it helps their mental health to be a part of it. 

If t helps you, and you are respectful of other's, then you are welcome.

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