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Tarot In-depth, 4

Here we are- the emotional suit of cups!

This is a hard suit to express because water represents our emotions, our soul, our creativity, empathy, love.

You'll find various ideas to explore tarot- as always go with what calls to you.

The Tarot ritual is a practical way to deepen your soulful connection with Tarot- if it doesn't fit with your world view then either read it for interest, or adapt it to suit you.


Did you study the water cycle at school? How water is evaporated off the sea, forms clouds- then rain, or mist, or snow, water finding its way to streams, then rivers, then back to the ocean.

Water is fascinating- it flows to fill the space available, needing clear boundaries to hold it. It may seem weak and passive- yet it formed the Grand Canyon, and the ocean in a storm is a fearsome experience. In daily life we will experience water as a liquid, solid and gas - and be so used to this rarely stop to notice.

And the suit of cups is, in my opinion, just as vast, complex and multi formed as water.

Cups is about love, deep soulful, divine love. Yet we are but mere mortals- and our journey with love will be complex.

Love hurts. Whether that is unrequited, lost, or lack of.

And please remember love-like water- comes in many, many, many forms. From sexual to platonic, unconditional to toxic.

Love starts with us, a private relationship with our own soul. 

Where are you in your relationship with love?  Lets run through the suit of cups...

 (A little light hearted- but then playful is a fun way to learn.)

  • 1: I love myself without judgement.

  • 2: My soulmate will compete me.

  • 3: I am well loved, and love in return.

  • 4: I am loved (but may not appreciate it)

  • 5: Feeling unloved (and not able to see it) 

  • 6: Lost in the dream of nostalgic love.

  • 7: Lost in the dream of how love will complete me.

  • 8: Getting a better perspective on love.

  • 9: Believing (once more perhaps) in love.

  • 10 : Enjoying loving relationships, without judgement.

Key symbols to look for in the suit of cups:

  • How are the cups placed (is one or more separate- and what do the separated cups represent?)

  • Are the cups upright or knocked down?

  • Are they in sight of the person? Something magical happens in 8 & 9 (not in sight) through to 10 (not in physical form) as if we have trusted and let go of love, allowing it to flow.

  • Are the cups held? By who?

I envisage the cards as representing our heart, our emotions, our deepest most authentic self.

Flow of cups
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