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“Well…the other Tarot reader said…”

Multiple readers, same question…

If you are a Tarot pro, then you’ve probably heard it mentioned at some time or another “Well…the other Tarot reader said…”

Following a question after one of my Tarot workshops here is my take on one client, multiple readers…

First up, let's be clear. I do this.

Every Tarot reader has a slightly different skill set, price point, and turn around for readings. I use a selection of different readers depending on whether I want emotional insight, fast quick answers, or an intuitive reading. It only makes sense to me to turn to the best reader depending on what it is I’m in need of. So I have absolutely no need for my clients to work with me exclusively (in fact I’d feel uncomfortable if a reader suggested I should only work with them.)

I even have a good friend who will ask several readers the same questions (including me) and then compare their answers. I find it fascinating to hear how different people have handled the questions, and to see – as time goes by- how accurate different readers are. No-one has (as yet) been 100% accurate all of the time, but I still have a high hit rate (I’m pleased to say) so I remain of the readers she books.

So, in principle booking with various readers isn’t a bad thing, but it can turn difficult if not handled well. Here’s some of my thoughts, and experiences!

Clients searching for the answer they want.

This is quite a common theme. A client booking multiple readers -not because they value their different styles, but because they only want to hear one answer.

As soon as you say something that deviates from what they want to hear they are quick to wade in with “Well. My last three readers definitely said he WAS coming back, so you can’t be right.”

Whenever a client queries my accuracy my first focus is to check if I could be wrong- none of us are infallible. I might rephrase the question, repeat a part of the reading, I will take the time to check. If I remain convinced by my reading, I will stick to it. I explain that I can’t validate any other reader, nor comment on their reading- only read the cards I have in front of me. I may well use the imagery to explain why I am saying what I am. Sometimes a client is genuinely curious about why readings can be different- and then I will talk about time not being fixed, and how readers can interpret situations differently. But if they are just searching for the answer they want, then I tend to be very focused on “I’m reading the cards I have in front of me”.

Clients searching for certainty

This is surprisingly common, and I really understand why. Tarot is a strange art- we are often using archetypes to extrapolate likely outcomes.

This type of client is not fixed on hearing the outcome they hope for, but rather are weighing up what I am reading compared to what other readers have said.

I handle this in a very similar way to the last section. If a client is asking me to validate why I maybe more accurate than another reader- this is not my job. I read the cards in front of me, rather than trying to second guess what another reader may have said.

If a client is interested in why readers may say different things, then I am very happy to explore the workings of Tarot and explain (based on the imagery) why I am saying certain things. It all boils down to is a client simply measuring me against other readers (nothing to do with me, I won’t really comment) or looking to understand why readings may be different (happy to explore reasons).

Clients that are dependent on Tarot readers

This often starts with “my usual reader is on holiday/ill/not working right now” or “I needed a reading right now, and you were available”

If you read Tarot as a pro at some point or another you will have to deal with dependant clients. My focus is on advice, understanding the situation, and empowering a client. So, if a client is only looking for a co-dependent relationship, they usually get pretty fed up with me!

I’m quite happy to stand in for some-one's “regular” reader if they are unavailable. A Tarot reading is such a personal experience- I do not suit everyone and am happy for people to give me a try to see if I suit.

The problem with expected loyalty.

I embrace clients wanting to try different readers and styles. It's just not always a good use of my time to comment on other readers. I always make time if a client expresses concern about another reader, or they felt uncomfortable or unsafe. Often it's just a small issue that I can offer reassurance on Every now and then it is a genuine breach of professional conduct and I can help a client to understand how the reader handled a situation so badly (like the reader who gave 100% assurance a husband was having an affair- via a text message reading, or the reader that told a client she was abused by her father as a child- claiming to be bringing to light hidden memories- then ended the reading with no further reflection or comment).

But usually I am quite clear- I am reading the cards in front of me. Other readers work differently to me, and me interpret and express the situation differently. And that is absolutely fine.

But it is NEVER OK for a reader to expect loyalty from a client. A client is free to get readings from as many readers as suits them, and to keep looking until they find the reader that can best offer the style of reader to support their needs.


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