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The only type of reading I will never touch.

I recently taught a zoom session on Tarot Taboo topics, those topics so many people say “shouldn’t” be read for. Health, money, legal, third party, pregnancy, death. The honest truth is I cover most of these topics on a weekly basis with clients. As long as I really believe the reading will help my client, and that they are using me appropriately- for intuitive guidance to support them, not to replace the appropriate professional (e.g. Dr, lawyer, financial advisor) then I am happy to read the cards.

It led me to think about what I don’t read for…

I used to have two personal taboo topics, now I only have one.

I used to say I wouldn’t read for someone in a physically abusive relationship as I didn’t want my reading to hold any glimmer of a reason for them staying. Now I have been in that position myself I realise how essential good support is, if feel I have the right skill set to help - then I will.

I never thought about the damage of “revenge” readings “If I do xxx will Bob realise how much he has hurt me/get his karmic payment/really get hurt” until I found myself with a client who had a list of people he wanted to “get back at”. Before I had always managed to subtly shift the focus on to “lets look at what’s best for you” or even “you sorting your life out is the very best revenge” but then I was faced with an onslaught of grievances, and total focus on how to best hurt these people, he allowed no re-phrasing, no refocusing. It was a wake up to call to amore destructive side of tarot reading, and a clear line for me that I will not cross.

So now the only type of reading I will not touch is revenge readings- if you want to hurt someone else instead of focusing on your best life that is totally fine, but I will not be supporting that journey!

The other topics are a subtle blend of re-phrasing the question to ensure it matches my skill set of tarot reader (rather than stepping into place of a different expert) and being very focused on reading the cards to support and guide my client, not diagnose or prescribe.

The idea of telling a client what to do, prescribing advice with an expectation they should follow it reflected a social media thread I was reading recently. About readers who wouldn’t re-read for a client if the client hadn’t followed their advice. This led me to think deeply, and actually left me quite disturbed about this concept for two reasons.

(I'm not talking about choosing not to repeat a predictive spread for a client, or readers that have clear boundaries about how often they choose to read for a client. Rather the idea that as readers we can expect a client to follow our advice)

#1 I am not in the position to TELL anyone what to do with their life. I read the cards, offer intuitive guidance, but my client has to live their life, make their choices, and they have to live with the consequences. I always respect that, and happily read for clients that chose not to, didn’t have the motivation, energy, or confidence to follow whatever guidance I offered. Because I only offer guidance- I do not prescribe what people “should” do.

#2 Sometimes life is tough and we don’t follow through with what we wanted to. I will not turn a client away simply because they’ve had a tough time. I work with a coach, recently we created a list of priorities for the next three weeks. I was fired up, focused, and totally committed. By the time of our next appointment I had lost my way, achieved nothing we agreed to, and was feeling very judgemental of myself. Luckily, he was able to support me, offer me a compassionate reflection of where I was, and help me to refocus. If he had refused to coach me because I hadn’t followed his advice, I think I would have felt quite dejected, not empowered.

As I continue to read the tarot cards for a wide spectrum of clients I am constantly amazed at how complex life is, how hard life can be, and how differently we all cope with the ups and downs of life.

The greatest lesson being a tarot pro has left me with is that a little kindness can make a huge difference. Yes I aim to be accurate and honest in my readings, but as well as that I aim to be kind. It makes my job far more pleasant, and I am certain it makes the life of my clients just a little easier too.


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