Married to the Knight of pentacles

One of the best ways to understand the Tarot court cards is to connect them with your life, and people you know.

Several years ago my husband and I decided to paint some rooms in our home.

We agreed to paint one room each; I would take the kitchen and he would take the lounge.

I am very much a Knight of wands when it comes to getting things done; Jump in, start straight away & work it out as I go along.

My husband is the Knight of pentacles when it comes to jobs; Preparation is the key to success.

So I (heavily pregnant and with 2 young children) painted the kitchen the next day. I found some old yellow paint, which I mixed with some left over white- to make it go a little further. I used the only (slightly hard) brush I could find. And I painted quickly. I fully admit there was the odd splash (on the floor, ceiling & me).

Perhaps painting around the objects on the fridge, the kitchen clock (and the like) wasn’t the best plan.

But hey, I got the job done between lunch & dinner. And I enjoyed the pleasure of a bright kitchen that evening, a job done.

My husband was less pleased- especially as he had to re-paint the kitchen when we moved out.

As for the Knight of pentacles & the lounge, it took weeks. Waiting;

  • For the right day (me and children out, husband not at work.)

  • To choose the right shade. Several testers were needed to ensure it was correct (and they had to be tried in direct light & shade)

  • Obviously the right brushes, dust sheets & masking tape had to be bought.

I found the length of time planning & waiting exhausting. And we really did wait a long time, with plenty of perfect opportunities wasted because my husband refused to commit.

But I admit that when the job was finished, it looked really good. It’s just I couldn’t forget all the the stressful lead in time-waiting, checking, buying, considering.