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Married to the Knight of pentacles

One of the best ways to understand the Tarot court cards is to connect them with your life, and people you know.

Several years ago my husband and I decided to paint some rooms in our home.

We agreed to paint one room each; I would take the kitchen and he would take the lounge.

I am very much a Knight of wands when it comes to getting things done; Jump in, start straight away & work it out as I go along.

My husband is the Knight of pentacles when it comes to jobs; Preparation is the key to success.

So I (heavily pregnant and with 2 young children) painted the kitchen the next day. I found some old yellow paint, which I mixed with some left over white- to make it go a little further. I used the only (slightly hard) brush I could find. And I painted quickly. I fully admit there was the odd splash (on the floor, ceiling & me).

Perhaps painting around the objects on the fridge, the kitchen clock (and the like) wasn’t the best plan.

But hey, I got the job done between lunch & dinner. And I enjoyed the pleasure of a bright kitchen that evening, a job done.

My husband was less pleased- especially as he had to re-paint the kitchen when we moved out.

As for the Knight of pentacles & the lounge, it took weeks. Waiting;

  • For the right day (me and children out, husband not at work.)

  • To choose the right shade. Several testers were needed to ensure it was correct (and they had to be tried in direct light & shade)

  • Obviously the right brushes, dust sheets & masking tape had to be bought.

I found the length of time planning & waiting exhausting. And we really did wait a long time, with plenty of perfect opportunities wasted because my husband refused to commit.

But I admit that when the job was finished, it looked really good. It’s just I couldn’t forget all the the stressful lead in time-waiting, checking, buying, considering.

I’m not saying either approach is “right”;

My knight of wands approach has been really helpful on many occasions- where I have just jumped straight in, learnt as I went along, too absorbed in the process to question my anxiety or possible failure.

On the other hand, I have often had to re-do things (again, and again) as I look back and realise that I did not plan well enough. Sometimes I make stupid and costly mistakes.

My husband’s Knight of pentacles approach means he can miss opportunities- because by the time he feels prepared enough, the chance has gone- or more likely he has spent so long considering his options he feels more confused than when he first started.

But when he does do something- there’s every chance it will be successful- because he has invested so much time, preparation & thought into it.

So; Let’s say you have a challenge up ahead.

You feel a little nervous-unsure whether to just “go for it”, plan your way forward carefully, trust your intuition and feel your way through. You are not certain which is the best approach.

This is the perfect time for a court-card spread.

  1. Separate your 16 court cards.

  2. Shuffle just the court cards and contemplate your challenge.

  3. Ask the cards “How should I best approach this?”

  4. When you are ready, lay one card for advice.

This is not offering prediction- simply the best way for you to approach your challenge.

I Struggle bringing the glorious, diverse court-cards down to a few lines. But I have tried to capture just a feel of each card- at their best.

A starting point if you are struggling to get to grips with the curt cards.

King of Wands- Inspirational. Trust that your vision will inspire you and others.

Queen of Wands- Determination. Trust that your focus & attitude will get you through.

Knight of Wands- Go for it. Jump in, learn as you go.

Princess of Wands. Free spirit. Your energy & optimism will be contagious.

King of Cups-Chivalrous. Put your feelings to one side and get on with it.

Queen of Cups-Agony Aunt. Use your natural skills as an intuitive & counselor to create the support you need.

Knight of Cups- Charmer. Be yourself, connect with your dreams- be inspired!

Princess of Cups- Dreamer. Your open heart will open doors, listen to your dreams & intuition; they will guide you.

King of Swords- Truth. Be logical, plan carefully to achieve success.

Queen of Swords-Honesty. Plan carefully, confront your problems head on, and be honest with those around you.

Knight of Swords-Go for it! Sheer focus will achieve wonders.

Princess of Swords-Truth seeker. Be curious, playful, use humour to help as you face this challenge.

King of pentacles- Success-Enjoy the challenge. Be organised, and practical.

Queen of Pentacles- Caring nurturer. You’ll bring out the best in yourself, and everyone else with a gentle pace and your natural ability to organise.

Knight of pentacles- Careful Planner. Planning is the key to success. Go slow, and go right.

Princess of Pentacles- Study. Pay attention to the details, Go slow & cautiously.

I will be writing more blogs on the court cards- they are such an interesting little group of cards!

If you have found this helpful, take a look at my web page. I now have 3 books published on Kindle (as e-books) & I’m sure you’ll find something to suit-whether a complete beginner, or a seasoned expert looking to deepen your wisdom;

Knights (Princes) from the Druid-Craft Tarot


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