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Tarot questions I don’t answer…

Really there has only been one- though I will explain the ways I side-stepped many others- but I did once receive an email question focused on a relationship and the last question was “so do you think I should murder my wife?”

Honestly I refunded the money and deleted the email. That was a question I refused to even engage in.

Usually before answering any question I have three major considerations,

  • Am I comfortable with this ethically.

  • Do I think it is helpful for my client.

  • Can I accurately read for that question.

Normally I can rephrase a question to ensure it broadly fits with in those parameters.

Health readings.

Yes I read for health readings, if I am comfortable that there are no “red flags” in the reading suggesting there is a genuine health risk that is being avoided (never happened, yet).

I always- even with my most regular clients remind them that I am looking at supporting their overall health, and if they are worried they should see their health care professional. I will also point out my advice is secondary to any professional care they may be receiving.

My reading is designed to support health, it may look at how stressed their mind, body or soul is. It may look for practical ways to improve or support their health. It is designed to support wellbeing not diagnose or prescribe in any way.

Often in periods of ill health we can feel out of control, unheard, alone. A reading designed to reflect how a client is feeling and support them in their holistic wellbeing can be a genuine support- and in no way undermines any professional treatment they may be receiving.

Death. It has to be mentioned, it is a condition of life. I have never predicted an unexpected death for a client. I have done numerous readings supporting a client as they prepare for their death, or the death of a loved one. I am passionate in believing that supporting the journey to death should not be a taboo subject, it should be treated with compassion and respect. Often a client wants to explore death with me because their loved ones find it too hard.


“Does he love me?” “will he come back?” If you have ever had your heart broken, you will feel a tug at these questions.

Yes, I read for romance readings, affairs, complicated love situations.... and no I don’t get bored of them.

My aim usually is to help the client understand the relationship. How are they really feeling, is this projection, conditioning, is there a block or a wound. I am looking to understand the other person’s experience of the relationship to empower my client to navigate it as best they can.

Love readings are complicated, there is rarely a simple answer. I never judge, that is not my place or role.

Financial & Legal readings

To me these are similar to health readings. I do not offer professional advise as I am not qualified- but I can add an holistic energy to support the situation, and I always advise a client to seek the proper professional advice.

I am intrigued to find myself doing readings for both legal and financial professionals to support their work and have learnt a lot about these readings by reading for them. We have had some interesting discussions, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Revenge readings.

Sadly I have had a fair number of these. Where a client is recording a reading to play to someone else to prove their point.

Don’t bother, it is a waste of your money. My focus is on you, and it will always be on you, so you will be left with a reading that shares far more about you than it ever will about your chosen other.

Also- I’m a tarot reader, I quickly work out why you have come to me. And if I have read for your partner ( you found my card in their purse or wallet- yes it’s happened) I will work out who you are from the reading. I won’t say anything, but I will still know.

What should I do?????

It’s a common question when clients want me to give them definitive directions in their life. They tend to fall into two categories-

#1 I’ve made a choice, but will you double check for me? This is a lovely reading, looking at their decision-making process, checking for problems and blocks, making sure everything is fine and offering practical advice if the cards show a glitch. Many of my regulars use me this way.

#2 It’s too complicated- I don’t know!!!! Again- very common, my role here is not to tell a client what to do (I really don’t want that responsibility) rather to help them understand where different choices could lead.

To untangle their confusion so they can make the best choice for them.

Am I cursed, under psychic attack, can you tell me about my past life?

I am probably different to some tarot readers on this one. Curses, psychic attacks and entities are totally within my world view.

When I read for a client I am there to read the tarot, not influence their world view. So I keep my language neutral, and reflect their language. If a client sees the tarot as only a psychological tool that is fine with me and I will not mention spirit guides, past lives, or anything of that nature.

If a client believes they have been cursed/are under psychic attack/ feels a past life is impacting this life then I am happy to see if the cards will answer that for them. Many clients are drawn to me because I also work as a professional shaman- and a big part of my work is exactly this area.

So if I do find any evidence of psychic attack (very common) or curses (surprisingly rare as most people that could do it choose not to) then I am very happy to deal with the problem – and my rates are exactly the same as my tarot rates, no elevated costs or secret clauses. Often there’s even time to do the work within the time booked for the Tarot reading.

So- there are not many questions I shy away from. My job is to understand what a client wants to know, and to rephrase the question to ensure it fits within my ethics and capabilities, and that I believe it is helpful to my client.


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