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My worst clients- a full breakdown.

“Am I your worst client?” is a question I have been asked many times now, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts.

If you have seen me more than twice, you are not my worst client. I simply don’t rebook them- but have a read through you may spot yourself in my list.

The complete melt down client

It happens a regularly. A reading allows you a chance to share deeply personal experiences you probably haven’t been able to share before. Perhaps its just seeing your life reflected in the cards, or realising you don’t have to put on a front with me.

And so you reach “melt down” from silent tears, to gut wrenching sobs, I’ve experienced them all.

I have absolutely no issues with tears and melt downs at all. It is a safe and nurturing space, and I am here to validate your emotions.

Feel free to cry (and swear) as needed. (Yes and even share how you will exact a brutal an slow revenge, I fully understand that you are sounding off.....)

The “I have a long list of (possibly numbered) questions, and I want clear precise answers” client.

I quite like the challenge of these clients! It can be an issue if you are looking for clear answers that match what you hope to hear (!) But my experience is these tend to be people who have thought deeply about the issues and come up with a list of questions to “check” their intuition.

Then this becomes a whistle stop tour of tarot. Clear answers quickly understood by a self-aware client. Rewarding for the amount we can get done in a short time.

The “its complicated” client

I always start with a general reading. Often this is clear as day and correctly pinpoints my clients question. Sometimes I simply look at the cards, see no coherent message, and have to say “its complicated”

This often involves relationships where adult children, parents, lovers, grandchild are all mixed up (possibly with divorce and money too). Where nothing is simple, there are layers of emotions mixed up. Confused loyalties, mixed relationships.

I love this kind of reading- I am like Miss Marple, slowly unpicking who is involved, how they feel, and how my client could best act. It is challenging, but then I always did like a challenge.

The “If you’re any good you’ll know my question, and answer too” client

This type of client really depends on their attitude. Are you curious as to my ability, or are you trying to trick me?

If it is trying to trick- then yes, you are one of my worst clients and you are unlikely to re-book anyway.

If you are keen to see how it goes, then I will match you head on. I like a challenge (I may have mentioned) but when I get it right, or slightly off centre- I expect an honest response. Clients that come as sceptics often become my most regular clients.- because they are genuinely surprised by how accurate and helpful a reading is.

The “I need to see you TODAY” Client.

I respect how difficult life can be, and will always try to accommodate a client in real need. A client in real need is never pushy, they simply reach out and ask. That is why I don’t have a problem with a client in urgent need. They are grateful of my flexibility and respectful of boundaries.

The “can you just throw a few cards right now, whilst we are on the phone so I can see if you are any good” client.

In most cases the difference between a respectful but desperate client, and a worst client is boundaries. As the professional it is my job to enforce those boundaries.

Oddly by being clear, yet polite some of these clients have become regulars whom I love to see. They simply got caught up in needing an answer, and had to be gently reminded that I work on appointments.

Others just hang up when I say no, and glad I am because we are clearly never going to work well together.

Health, Third party questions, legal questions, affairs, does he fancy me…..

I absolutely have no issue with these at all.

I am quite able to remind a client to seek professional advice (Dr, Lawyer, Financial advisor), and to respectfully decline to read a question if need be.

Most health/legal/money questions are about guidance –I have read for these questions with a great deal of success. But I always make it clear my reading is complimentary to any professional advice they may be receiving. It clarifies what is going on, but is a supportive guidance, not a directive.

As for affairs and relationship - who am I to judge? I read with open honesty, life is complicated.

The week in, week out regular clients

I see discussions about dependency in clients. I don’t have an issue with this- I am the professional, it is my job to keep those boundaries clear.

I try to structure a reading to empower and comfort a client. But life can be tough, and they may feel more confident making decisions when they have me as a combined tart reader, muse, sounding board, and honest advisor.

Sometimes I do stop a reading and gently suggest that we focus our time on something else, rather than just re-reading for the same issue. But if I have allowed you to come back this many times we now have a relationship & no matter how pushy you are about wanting me to re-read for the same question you are not my worst client, you are merely making me check in on my professional boundaries, and that is part of my job.

So- how about some of the clients I am less keen on…

No shows

This really bugs me. I know life is complicated, you may have childcare or work issues, or feel anxious about coming. But simply not turning up without letting me know is rude.

So is turning up late, without prewarning me that you are running late (apart from one particular client who ALWAYS runs late, so I simply expect this client about 20 minutes later than booked. She’ll be on time one day & I will likely be asleep or in the shower- you know who you are.)

Wanting one answer only.

This can go either way, often a client starts to become aware of their choices, and to better understand what is happening- opening up to using the tarot as a tool to reflect, empower and map possibilities.

Other times they just keep re-asking the same question, with no suggestion that they will hear anything other than what they want. These are almost exclusively “when will he/she leave their partner and come back to me”. They are heart-breaking but fairly pointless. I am not hear to tell you what you want to hear.

Opinionated views that you insist on bringing into our reading.

I try to be as neutral as possible in readings- about politics, gender, race, age, religion.

Unless we share opinions then I expect the same level of respect. I do not want to be lectured to about any of these issues. (you’d be surprised, it does happen)

The victim of an abusive relationship (which has been by partner, adult children, and parents)

No. I will not read for you, in case you see one ray of hope in my reading and decide to stay. I may well offer shaman healing and support, but if I spot this during a reading I will only read for how you best get the support you need.

The unexpected side of professional tarot reading is how clients have become friends along the way. Yes it needs careful boundaries, but many of my dearest friends started as clients. It took me while to get this right, spotting those people that wanted to offer genuine friendship not create a hotline to tarot over a coffee. But when I read tarot there is a simple emotional honesty on both sides, which it turns out can lead to some wonderful friendships. And boundaries are kept because a good friend books and pays for a tarot reading- and does not expect one for free.

And in the end boundaries is the difference between a client in difficulty (which can be challenging, but also very rewarding) and a simply difficult client.

A difficult client will not respect my boundaries. I am quite capable of being tough over my boundaries. I don’t mind tears, or being strict, or seeing you as an emergency. As long as you respect my boundaries you are never my worst client.

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