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What is psychic attack- and what you can do about it.

One of the key things I do as a shaman healer is remove psychic daggers from people’s auras. This is a build up of negative energy in their aura- it can be covering the entire aura, or very concentrated in specific areas.

Where do these daggers come from? Based on my experience they have several causes;

# General openness.

If you are the kind of person who “feels” what another person feels, picks up on the atmosphere of a room, and just knows things- then with out careful daily protection you will be picking up others negative emotions.

This isn’t intentional, on a subconscious level you feel their hurt, and try to help. But because you aren’t aware of what you are doing, you are not aware of the build up of negative energy.

# Unintentional attack.

Probably the most common. Someone is angry/hurt/sad with you, and you are in their thoughts a fair amount (most often partner, but parent or work colleague is also common). Their negative thoughts stick to your energy body, often wrapping themselves around like wet newspaper.

The person behind the attack would never dream of their thoughts hurting you.

# Deliberate attack.

Not as common as you might think, but it does happen. This can feel like being held back, restricted, things just never going right, confused thoughts. It is obvious when doing the healing as the negative energy is so focused. It might seem like nails through the feet, rope around the ankles, or wooden shafts through the legs.

Here some form of protection is needed to protect against continued attack.


Actually very rare, and quite hard to work with. The person has such focused negative thoughts about themselves that it is damaging their aura. This can feel like broken glass and takes a while to remove.

Working at improving your damaging thoughts is essential, learning to love and accept yourself.

So, you think this may affect you, what can you do?

#1 Practise self-care.

Psychic attack can leave you feeling overwhelmed & exhausted. I know when you feel like you don’t have enough time then booking in time for self-care seems like something you just can’t manage- but it will make a difference. Whether you meditate, take a walk, read an inspiring book, practise reiki, or just relax in the bath. Make sure you practise self-care every day, even if only for 20 minutes.

#2 Smudging.

Smudge yourself, and your home. Ask that the sacred smoke may release negativity and protect -intention is key. Use which ever smudge smoke you are drawn to- from Palo-Santo, to sage, or make your own from dried herbs.

#3 Pay attention to your body. If you have an odd ache, keep tripping up, or stubbing your toe- it could reflect negative energy in your aura.

Pause, sit calmly, focus on your breathing.

Bring the palms of your hands to the area that is catching your attention and with each out breath focus on the energy flowing our of your palms into your aura.

The benefit of this technique is it will help whether it is psychic daggers, or simply a

sprained ankle!

#4 Work with a protective breathing technique.

If you are going into a busy environment, or going to be with someone you think may have negative emotions towards you- try this beforehand.

As you breath in visualise breathing in earth energy from the soles of your feet.

As you breath out visualise breathing out a colour that feels right (gold is great) and that colour creating a bubble around you.

Keep going for several breaths and feeling how the earth energy is grounding you, and the colour is creating a protective bubble around you.

#5 Crystals.

Crystals are a wonderful way to protect you. Whether you have a simple tumble stone in your pocket, or an ornate and fancy piece of bespoke jewellery.

For protection I prefer darker crystals- obsidian, black tourmaline, smoky quartz. The key here is to cleanse it EVERY NIGHT. I like to place my jewellery on an amethyst crystal overnight- which works well.

#6 Raise your vibration level.

Psychic attack- whether intentional or not- is about fear. So watching some side splitting comedy, put on some great music and dance, hug a love one and feel the joy.

These may seem like simple measures, but sustained psychic attack creates a dullness, a greyness, a heaviness that becomes ordinary.

Injecting some love & laughter can make a real difference!

I am running a one-day workshop on the 18th August, in Forest Row - focusing on working with sensitivity, how thoughts can affect out aura, and how to protect against all forms of psychic attack.

You can find out more here

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