"Back Story", and how it defines your future, and often you don't even know!

Do you feel that opportunities, luck, an easy life, love (fill in the word most appropriate to you)- seem to be something that happens to other people, just not you (and it’s O.K., because you’ve got used to it. Life has always been that way)

Have you ever considered that it is not the world that is the problem- it is that you are looking at the world through the grimy visions of your own back story.

I have come as a shaman & tarot reader to be very aware of “back story”. For me a back story is the tale you present to others about your life.

It is rarely helpful- as every time to share your back story you reinforce it to yourself, and it is usually the single biggest problem in moving forward in life.

Our past defines who we are, our past has created who we are to this point.

Want to see who you will be in 10 years time? Look at the pattern of your past to find out. (which is why tarot is such a useful tool) You don’t believe me? Let me illustrate, like a stage magician which a cheap trick.

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