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Delighted to share a Tarot Success Story!

I often describe tarot as like map reading - it can help you to find your destination, see possible routes, and warn you of potential obstacles along the way.

I am sharing the tale of how tarot readings can support in manifesting a dream - with full knowledge of my client and friend.

I have read for Rachel many over the past few years. Most of those readings have been “Will my book get published?”, often followed by a list of detailed questions about plot twists, characters, title choices, and settings.

Each time I read for Rachel, whether in the tarot groups, online, or in person, it felt like we were feeling our way forward in the creation of her book.

I read for subtle changes, leaving options for “not yet thought of”. Rachel used my tarot readings as part of a wider support network of critique partners, beta readers and a writing mentor to help develop the plot and get the details just right. Each time, using tarot to see how changes to the story could improve the outcome.

I have never been involved with writing a novel, and the level of detail, thought, and the emotional connection to the story was an eye opener. I read for tiny plot details and could see the success of the book wax and wane as Rachel embraced her vision, allowed her intuition to lead, and crafted her story.

It really was like reading a road map, looking ahead at where the book could go if there was more Odin, or less Odin; whether to soften the character of Hel, or increase the horror factor. Often the details I read for seemed so small, it was like seeing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but not glimpsing the whole picture.

Then something strange happened. I remember it quite clearly. Whatever I read for, the outcome was roughly the same. I recall one mini reading with two options, and the Empress was one outcome, the 10 of pentacles the other. As I looked at the cards I realised that those small differences really didn’t matter anymore. It was as if Rachel was so close to her goal - of having a publishable book - that the destination felt fixed. This was a lovely stage in our reading relationship. Rachel had a few more readings - both at the group and with me, and each time the result was the same. Whatever you do now, you have a publishable book.

You might think it would end there? That was just the start! Now I was reading for how to best get the book published. That felt like a huge responsibility, but having shared the journey so far I was happy to take on the challenge.

We felt our way through the process: should she adapt the opening chapter, did this beta reader or that one have the better advice, should she send to lots of agents at once, or be more specific in who she sent it to.

Then something strange cropped up - the Fool was coming up in every reading I did. Yet it made no sense in the readings. Rachel started to get positive feedback, and possible options were being discussed, yet this Fool card was there. I felt there was a part of the puzzle we hadn’t quite worked out.

Now I know nothing about the process of publishing a book, but Rachel started talking to me about a particular agent she liked. As Rachel started exploring possible options, the Fool card fell into place. It is a fine line between letting a client make their own decisions and being too directive. But for me the Fool is trust, potential, taking a leap of faith. And that card was clearly linked to one agent. I made it clear I felt this one agent was the key to publishing the book, and Rachel being Rachel trusted me and made that happen.

You might think that’s an end to my part in this book, but now I am reading for possible sequels and exciting new stories.

All those tarot readings were only guidance and support for a very talented writer. I’m thrilled to say that the book is going to be published (as I knew it would!). Called The Twisted Tree, it is a beautiful re-working of Norse mythology into a dark, modern-day fairy tale.

You can read more about Rachel and her book here:

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