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Love the Wild-Wood Tarot?

I can remember exactly, and without doubt, the first time I considered paganism. And paganism was a very attractive prospect.....

In 1984 in the U.K a new T.V, show came on, "Robin of Sherwood". Retelling the ancient tales of Robin Hood. There was something a little different about this show. There was a magic running through that I (and I know many others) found entrancing, hypnotic, real.

Somehow the author, Richard Carpenter, and the cast made the spiritual, magical, Pagan element shine through the drama. They made it seem ancient, yet relevant. They made it seem real.

Years later, and I am drawn to the mythology section of the local pagan bookshop. Looking to find something to really capture my interest- and there it was "Robin Hood" by John Matthews. Memories of the T.V. show I had loved so much made me buy the book & I was delighted to find that the author of the T.V series wrote the introduction.

Now John Mathews has taken the mythology of ancient Europe to a new, and very beautiful, level. he has worked with Mark Ryan & Will Worthington to create the Wildwood tarot.

Where does mark Ryan fit into this?

That's mark Ryan on the far right. He played the part of Nazir in the show.

My family & I watch a few episodes now & then. There is still something so magical about the show. A real sense of deep magic, connection with our earth & respect for the old ways.

I love the WildWood deck because it can be hard to reconnect with my heritage, so much was destroyed with Christianity. They built churches on our sacred spaces, and burnt both books & people who did not agree with their religion. Much is lost, much is still remembered through tale & song.

For me, seeking to re-connect with an older European pagan path, the WildWood deck is a true gift.

And, one final picture of Mark Ryan...

(You're welcome) x

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